Angelina Jolie IS a Fencer!!!

I’m begining to think fencing is way BIGGER than I even realized! A 16-year old Angelina Jolie talks about how fencing helped her develop her graceful movements and her dream to one day have a big weapon room to hold fencing swords!!! (I wonder if she has one now???)

She also explains that she initially started “fencing” with brooms as a young kid and then went to the West Side Fencing Center!  In the interview, she describes the sport, the movements, the uniform and even shows us her fencing arm movement!

I think it’s time we invite her to a fencing competition!

My New Hero: Fencing Coach Pixie Roade!

A great piece aired on a local Philadelphia television station about fencing coach Pixie Roade and the fencing program she started at Haven Middle School.

Must watch video!

Great video for any school district to see the benefits of a fencing program at their school!

I was really inspired by the way she interacted with the kids, discussed fencing and you coudl see in the way the kids were talking what kind of an impact the sport has had on them.  GO PIXIE ROADE!

ESPN Magazine Story on Tim and Jason


Next time you’re at a magazine shop, check out the June edition of ESPN the Magazine where there is a short story on Jason Rogers and me on Page 23!

Have to love the “Parry Time” headline!  Props to Patrick Cain for a great article!

Next step will be getting on the cover!

Thanks to our champion Craig Harkins of for a nice shout out : (We appreciate it Craig!)