Amazing Race Doesn’t Respond to Olympic Medalists Application…

Sadly, when we (Jason Rogers and myself) applied a few months ago to be on Season 15 of Amazing Race we at least expected to hear a response!

Several months have passed and we haven’t even received notice that we aren’t getting an interview. 

Anyone know anyone at the Amazing Race???

It was always a long shot, but would have been fun!

Amazing Race, Jet Lag and Tunis Pictures

Team USA in Tunis
Team USA in Tunis

Ahhh, recovering from jet lag is always a fun process.  I’m not usually someone who rises at 4am in the morning!

It’s been 2 weeks since we applied for the Amazing Race and still no word…

That might be a bad sign.  If we are going to hear it will definitely be soon because the interview dates they gave start this Friday and run for a week.

Fingers are still crossed for an interview!

The Schwarma!
The Schwarma!

Miss New York Challenges NY Olympians Tim and Jason’s Amazing Race Abilities

Following the recent blog entry  we made about applying to the Amazing Race Season 15, I received this post  to my facebook wall from Miss New York Leigh-Taylor Smith:

Tim. I hope you know I’m applying alongside another Miss America contestant. Want to reconsider your app? We don’t want to embarrass you.
The following day:
All I can think is the look on your faces when we kick your tails
The Very Dangerous Miss New York Leigh-Taylor Smith

All I can say to little Miss New York is that: It’s on Like Donkey Kong!  This is all assuming that any of us actually make it on the show!

If not, we’ll just have to settle this budding rivalry the old fashion way by taking it to the streets of New York with swords!!   I don’t think we’d have too much of an advantage? 

I guess we could have a talent competition, but I don’t think anyone wants to hear me belting out Every Rose Has Its Thorn with Jason on the guitar.  Swimsuit contest maybe? I’m thinking we’d lose that one also.   She did win that portion of the Miss America contest.

To be continued…

Olympians Tim and Jason on Amazing Race??? We’re Going for it!


The 3-minute video is filmed, the forms are filled out and tomorrow Jason and I are putting our application for the Amazing Race Season 15 in the mail! We figured, worth a try!  If we make the show and win that million dollars that would certainly go a along way towards funding this Olympic quadrenial! 

In a way, a fencing season is like a season of the amazing race…you travel to many different places where you have to compete while facing all kinds of weird  and unexpected challenges.    We’ve faced trips to Iran, Algeria, Cuba, and Senegal along with such lovely events as having stuff stolen from our bags (in a South American country which shall remain nameless), lost passports, crazy taxi drivers, staying in an abandoned hotel in Germany in Winter with no heat…you get the idea!


So, we’ll see what happens. The first round interviews are in March so we’ll find out in a few weeks if we make the first cut!     I’ll keep you posted!