I’ll Be Back! I’m returning for the Arnold Fencing Classic 2011!

“I’ll be back!”

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be making a return visit to the Arnold Classic in Ohio in 2011! Tim Mills and Julia Richey are working hard to make the 2011 version even BIGGER and BETTER!

Rumored to be joining me is NCAA Champion and National team member Daria Schneider amongst others!   The 2011 version will also include a world youth championships! Sounds exciting!

You can support the Arnold Fencing Classic (Attending by 180,000+ spectators) by  checking out their facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/arnoldfencing?ref=nf&v=wall#!/arnoldfencing

Schwarzenegger at Fencing Event: “You’ll Have to Teach Me To Fence Since I only know how to wield an 11lb steel sword!”

Columbus, Ohio — The final day of the Arnold Classic Fencing included a visit by Governor Schwarzenegger who addressed a crowd of roughly 500 people at the fencing tournament. 

He praised fencing as a great sport, helped to referee a demonstration and then with his usual humour made the crowd laugh discussing his own experiences with swords from the Conan movies.

My favorite picture. Love the expressions of joy on their faces when meeting Mariel

It’s been a fun trip.   I spoke last night to about 80 people, signed autographs and handed out medals with Mariel Zagunis and enjoy some quality time (not fencing) at a fencing competition. 

Thanks to all the volunteers, referees, Tim Mills and Julia Richey for putting on a great tournament and having me!

Arnold Sports Festival: Sylvester Stallone Calls Fencing, “One of Best Sports in the World”

Columbus, Ohio– Sylvester “ROCKY” Stallone paid a visit to the fencing competition and told the crowd of 500+ people that he fenced saber when he was younger and there isn’t a better sport in the world to get fit.

He then proceeded to wow the crowd without any instruction with some fencing footwork and a few lunges.   His footwork and technique looked pretty good! 

2-Time Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis and I presented him with a signed saber to which he saluted the crowd and then headed on his way.

There are 350+ fencers competing at the Arnold Classic amongst the 17,000+ athletes, 40 sports and 200,000 spectators in attendance.  This is potentially the event where the most amount of people are getting exposure to the sport.  Awesome! 

Julia Richey and Tim Mills are doing a wonderful job of PR for fencing as well as ensuring that the competition runs smoothly.  

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be stopping by the fencing competition tomorrow.