Cool Fencing Video of the Day: Fencing with Fish!

The two fencers are Ben Bratton and Dwight Smith.  This commercial for the Food Network aired in 2007.

Found it on the Facebook athlete page of Ben Bratton, who you can follow by “liking” at his page:

He has 145 followers right now, let’s get him to 200+

By the way, you can check out a listing of the rest of the USA athlete pages at

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Follow a Fencer Today!

Want to know what’s happening with your favorite fencers?  Everything from their favorite meal to cook to how their doing in their Olympic bids for London 2012 can be found on facebook!

Gerek Meinhardt recently created a FB fanpage and I just wanted to encourage everyone to “like” his as well as some of our other fencers pages.   Believe it or not, if our fencers have more followers it will help them get sponsorships and support.  So, a simple act can go a long way!

Here are some of the Olympic and Olympic Hopeful pages “out there” for Team USA Fencing:

Gerek Meinhardt

Mariel Zagunis

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Ben Bratton

Tim Morehouse

If you know of any more, please send them my way and I’ll add them! 

USA Men’s Epee Takes Home Historic Silver Medal at World Championships!

The Men’s Epee team of Seth Kelsey, Ben Bratton, Cody Mattern and Benji Ungar shocked the world today taking home a Silver Medal at the World Championships.

They nearly pulled off the Gold!  Leading by as much as 4 points into the 6th match before the French team rallied in front of their home crowd.

With Gerek Meinhardt’s Bronze in the men’s foil, and this result, this is by far the best world championships results for the USA Men in all their history. Not to mention top-8 performances in the individual events by Seth Kelsey and Miles Chamley-Watson.  With Mariel Zagunis’s gold medal in women’s saber, team USA comes home 3 medals from worlds!

Congrats to the men’s Epee fencers! You made us all very proud!

Team USA at Pan American Fencing Championships in Costa Rica: Kiefer Takes Home First Gold Medal for USA

Costa Rica — US Foil Fencer Lee Kiefer captured the first gold medal for team USA on day 1 of the 2010 Pan American Championships.    Doris Willette captured a Bronze Medal.  Nzinga Prescod finished 13th and Ambika Singh finished 17th.

In Men’s Epee, Seth Kelsey finished in the top-8 and Cody Mattern made top-16 to pace the men’s epee squad.   Ben Bratton and Benji Ungar fell in the round of 32.

Full Results for Men’s Epee:

Full Results for Women’s Foil:

** Women’s Saber and Men’s Foil are competing today and men’s saber and women’s Epee go tomorrow on the final day of the individual competition.

** The tournament is being held in an old train station (pictures to come tomorrow)