Fencing.Net: Fencing For The Blind in Italy

Andrea Baldini contributing to the SCHERMA PER NON VEDENTI project

This is a cool story…

From Fencing.Net: (By Craig Harkins)
Friday, June 25th, was an historic day at the Concetto Lo Bello in Syracuse. Andrea Baldini (pictured, left) donned a blindfold and fenced epee with a practicioner of Italy’s newest niche sport-Scherma per non vedenti.  A number of important guests were on hand to witness the bout, including FIS president, Girogio Scarso…(Read the Rest)

Mass. School For the Blind Fencing Program

Blind Fencing

This is really a great story about a pair of school’s in Massachussetts who have  fencing programs for blind students.   The story has been an amazing viral success as well starting with a twitter post!

Here are some excerpts from the Associated Press Article: