Pics from Bryant Park Fencing (@bryantparknyc) Final Class! (For Now!)

Had a great time last week visiting with the students of the free fencing class at Bryant Park in NYC! For the past few months, people could sign up for the class taking place behind the Library in conjunction with Bryant Park and Manhattan Fencing Center.   Coaches Sergey Isayenko and Andrew Lamianski provided expert instruction to the  adults who have been signing up (it’s been booked solid every class!) and attending each week.

Not to mention the hundreds of people who stop by to check out the fencing action as the class is going on!

Bryant Park has a ton of other stuff going on and you can check out the activities here:

NY Times Weekend Miser: Free Fencing Lessons, Yoga and Ballet

Nice article in the New York Times about the free fencing classes in Bryant Park as well as some of the other free activities you can find to do in NYC this summer.  Pictured above is Coach Sergey Isayenko from Manhattan Fencing Center teaching a new student.

The classes have been mostly adults and sold out each week!

Free Fencing Lesson in NYC’s Bryant Park Continues to be Successful!

Looks like the free fencing lessons behind the Bryant Park Library are going well!

Pulled these pictures from two tweets today:
Ben James thebenjames Just saw a public fencing lesson outside of NYC Public Library.

Theresa Valentine kaboom23 Why NYC is cool…fencing lessons at the Library

Fencing Is Coming to NYC’s Famous and Trendy Bryant Park!

The famed Bryant Park, former home of NYC Fashion Week, and current place to enjoy  ice skating, ping-pong, a majestic New York City Public Library, and loads of trendy New Yorker’s hanging out, will soon be getting a new unique addition: THE SPORT OF FENCING!

Beginning April 9, fencing lessons will be available on the front terrace of the New York Public Library run by the Manhattan Fencing Center

More Details: 

If you’re in NYC and haven’t fenced, but always wanted to try, then here is your chance!