Best Place for Fencing Tournament between Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center or Hammerstein Ballroom?

(Lincoln Center Above)

I will be touring three amazing venues tomorrow with my partners who are helping me put together a special tournament of fencing champions in NYC in November.  Already have Aldo Montano and Mariel Zagunis as tentative participants and have a few more “asks” out to some great fencers…We’ve got a budget set-up for radio, print and TV ads and are going to be talking to some television networks about airing it! (Pinching myself that I can pull this off!)

So, which place do you think would be best for a fencing tournament? (Prices are fairly comparable and they each can hold about 3000 spectators)

(Carnegie Hall Above and Hammerstein Ballroom Below)

Fencing Competition at Carnegie Hall with Olympic Champions?

This is one step closer to being a reality today!

I’ve been working with a fantastic company which does signature events for sports and entertainment in NYC and they’re going to be helping to put up some of the money to create a competition similar to what is done with the sport of Polo…i.e. very elegant, sponsored by corporations, celebrity attended, media covered etc.

I already have tentatively confirmed Olympic Champions Aldo Montano of Italy and Mariel Zagunis and am working on some of the other stars of our sports to attend and compete.

We’ve budgeted for 5 different locations including Lincoln Center, Gotham and some smaller places, but something just rings true to me about Carnegie Hall and fencing!   Also, since I envision this event making a BIG SPLASH, it needs to be done at a high level of excellence.    You know what they say about first impressions!    We’ve budgeted for TV, print and radio ads along with potentially bringing in a non-fencing performance of some sort.

I also am talking with a few TV networks about airing it!!!

There is still A TON of work to do before this becomes a reality.  Namely, I will need people in the fencing world with big pockets to step up and essentially “insure” ticket sales.   Yet, just sitting in a room talking about doing a fencing event at Carnegie Hall that would be aired on a television station seems like an important moment to me in and of itself.

Tentative dates are between Nov. 15-18 time frame.  About a week+ after the end of world championships in Paris.