The Way Forward for Fencing: An Open Letter and Call to Action

Hi, it’s TIM MOREHOUSE, Olympic Silver Medalist and Founder of Fencing in the Schools.

I’d like to share my thoughts on the future of fencing and I hope by the end of this letter you’ll join me.

Ever wonder why fencing isn’t more popular?

I grew up with people saying that fencing could never be on TV, get corporate sponsors and be mainstream or popular.   I never challenged this thinking.  I just assumed that people had tried to do these things and found that it was impossible.

I also grew up in a fencing community with people saying the US could never win Olympic medals…how could we ever beat the Russians or Italians?

Then the Beijing Olympics happened.   Our USA team won 6 Olympic medals and it shattered my thinking.   If “They” were wrong about how good an Olympic team we could be then what else could “They” be wrong about?  Who are “They” anyway?

I was very fortunate to have found fencing.  It changed my life.  Gave me self-confidence, discipline and helped improve my critical thinking and has allowed me to travel the country and world for competitions.

I now want to give kids across America the chance to fence.  For too long fencing has suffered from low-self-esteem about what our sport can accomplish.

I think things are popular because people make them that way and…

WE ARE GOING TO MAKE FENCING AS POPULAR AS OUR BIG THREE MAINSTREAM SPORTS! (Yes, I’m shouting this so no one mishears our intention!)

We are going to do this, not just to do it, but because the children in our country NEED fencing for their health, well-being and happiness.

Fencing is also a sport that requires both physical and mental development at the highest levels.

You can fence throughout your whole life.

Fencing is one of the greatest sports in the world.

Only so many kids can play baseball, basketball and football and unlike these sports, there is no bench in fencing.  Every child can play and compete.   So, our Mission at FENCING IN THE SCHOOLS is get a million kids fencing by the 2023 school year.    We need your help!!

Some of our actions and strategies for change:

#1 Create School Programs:
We believe in order for our sport to grow we have to provide access to fencing for every child in America.   To do this, we need to provide fun and low-cost opportunities to as many schools as possible where kids can try and fall in love with our sport.  We will accomplish this by training PE Teachers (And create an army of them!) to teach fencing and by providing low cost and easy to use fencing equipment.

We are also going to  create excellent educational materials including a basic curriculum aligned to the national fitness standards for teachers to use and comprehensive videos on how to fence for beginners and teachers to utilize.

#2 Utilizing and Supporting our Olympic Team:
We believe in the power of our Olympians to be role models for children.   We will start every school program with an assembly with member(s) of our US Olympic team when they will get the kids excited about fencing, share their stories of achievement and perseverance and put on a fun fencing demonstration.  We will financially support our Olympians to present the assembly, which will also serve to support these athletes in pursuing their Olympic dreams AND turn the children at each school into fans of our sport and athletes.  Image a fan base of 1 million children following our team at the Olympics!

#3 Promoting the Sport into the National Consciousness:
We believe that in order for fencing to grow to scale we need to get our sport into the national consciousness.  This includes, but is not limited to, awareness campaigns, putting fencing on national and local TV, getting impactful media profiles of our sport, athletes and tournaments, holding fencing events in high traffic areas to get “in the face” of people who might not be seeking us out. (You won’t be able to escape our sport!)  Achieving this level of promotion has numerous benefits including creating a demand for our school programs for children, increasing our fan base which in-turn creates a greater platform for corporate sponsorships and fundraising.

#4 Supporting the Current Fencing Community: (Synergies)
We believe that for our sport to grow in America the business of fencing has to grow with it.   Our goal is to turn as many of the students who start out in Fencing in the Schools into lifelong fencers and fans of our sport.  We will work to get FITS kids out to clubs to compete and train, thereby contributing to the health of the business of the sport including club owners, vendors and sponsors.

#5 Improving the Technology of Fencing: 

We believe that technology is a HUGE growth area for improving the sport.    Fencing is still using the same basic system from the 1980s and wireless fencing is still not a reality for most fencing competitions in this age of cell phones and blue tooth.  We are currently working to improve the technology with the priorities being to lower cost, make the fencing equipment more user-friendly and improve the visual presentation of the  sport.

We already are meeting with some great companies including IDEO (the inventors of the first mouse!) to discuss ways to make a better wireless system, make IPADs into fencing machines, jackets that can glow when hit and other “outside of the box” ideas.  The time has come to make fencing look better, more affordable and add the “WOW” factor to every fencing match.

If we are going to get a million kids fencing across America then it is essential we galvanize our fencing community to TAKE ACTION!   Our fencing community is one of the greatest groups of people in the world.  People have longed to help the chance to help the sport, but haven’t had an outlet.  We want to be that outlet!   The only way this will work is with your support.

* Please note, this is in no way an exhaustive list but these are some of our priorities.

Ways YOU can Help RIGHT NOW:

#1 Please consider donating to one of our Fencing in the Schools campaigns:

#2 Sponsor an Olympic Fencing Assembly for a school to introduce them to the sport in an exciting and fun way!

#3 2 Go to your school and DEMAND FENCING and SEND THEM TO US!

#4 Post about Fencing in the Schools on your social media or tell your friends

#5 Attend our March 13 Fencing in the Schools Launch Event!  All ticket proceeds go to help fund our first 6 pilot programs!


Tim Morehouse

Join our movement to get kids fencing across America!

11k raised so far to get 1600+ kids fencing in Harlem!  We need to raise 19k more by March 13!

To donate or learn more:

We have a launch event happening on March 13 in conjunction with our fundraiser to get 1600+ kids fencing in Harlem.  Every ticket purchased goes to fund one of the 6 schools we are supporting!



Contact: Alan Miller AMPR  718-317-8745








2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, and three-time Olympic team member Tim Morehouse launches his ambitious FENCING-IN-THE-SCHOOLS initiative with a special fundraising event at the Baryshnikov Arts Center (450 West 37th Street, NYC) on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 at 7:00pm.  FENCING-IN-THE-SCHOOLS (501c3) is aimed at increasing awareness for the sport of fencing and highlighting fencing as a great fitness alternative to combat childhood obesity in America’s youth while instilling Olympic ideals.  The initiative will launch with a pilot program for 1,800 students at six schools in East and West Harlem starting in late March through the Democracy Prep charter school network.

The March 13th event, held in collaboration with online fundraising platform Crowdrise, aims to secure funding for the initial pilot program.  Event sponsor Sabra Hummus is covering the event costs so that 100% of proceeds raised through ticket sales will be dedicated to covering expenses for launching fencing schools with Democracy Prep.

“The goal of FENCING-IN-THE-SCHOOLS is to eventually get a million kids fencing, and we know that in order to do that we’re going to need people to take action to assist us, “said Morehouse.  “By partnering with Crowdrise, we feel we’ve found a great platform that will enable us to engage the energy and passion of the fencing community and local schools to help us bring fencing across the country.  This effort depends on your support.  Please join us!”

The event will feature inspirational talks by members of the U.S. Olympic fencing team and FENCING-IN-THE-SCHOOLS ambassadors, including World Cup Paris Team Gold Medalist Miles Chamley-Watson and Olympians Nzhingha Prescod and Daryl Homer.

A highlight of the kickoff event will be the Fencing Masters competition featuring the best U.S. fencers competing head-to-head, including Morehouse versus Homer in a battle of the top two men’s saber fencers in the country.  UNIVERSAL SPORTS NETWORK, which aired last year’s Fencing Masters: Kickoff to London, will air the Fencing Masters portion of the FENCING-IN-THE-SCHOOLS launch event in April 2013.

To purchase tickets to the March 13th FENCING-IN-THE-SCHOOLS launch event, to donate to the schools, or to join the campaign and directly help with the fundraising efforts, please visit   You can also support the cause by sharing this web link via social media.

For more information about FENCING-IN-THE-SCHOOLS and to learn how you can get involved, please visit



Fencing-in-the-Schools ( is an educational organization whose mission statement, “Empowering youth to achieve excellence through the sport of fencing” will be carried out by bringing the sport of fencing to schools around the country to fight childhood obesity while promoting the Olympic ideals of excellence, respect, and friendship.

It was founded in 2011 by Olympic Silver Medalist and Teach For America alum Tim Morehouse so children could have the same opportunities and benefits that he had from the sport. Fencing-in-the-Schools carries out its mission by training school teachers to teach the sport of fencing utilizing the Fencing-in-the-Schools youth curriculum. The curriculum focuses on both the physical and mental skills of fencing, while also promoting the ideals of the Olympic movement.

The organization raises awareness for the sport and its programs by utilizing U.S. Olympic team members and Fencing-in-the-Schools ambassadors to conduct school assemblies, give fencing clinics, appear in promotional videos, and participate in events throughout the country that help promote their mission.

The program will kick-off with 1800 students fencing in East and West Harlem and look to expand to 10,000 students across the country in the 2013-2014 school year with an ultimate goal of 1 million kids fencing by 2023.  Schools interested in participating in a program should email


Crowdrise (, founded by actor Ed Norton, is a unique blend of crowdfunding, social networking, contests, and more. It is an innovative, online fundraising and event management website for individuals, charity fundraisers and event fundraising.  Crowdrise helps you raise tons of money for your cause or charity and have the most fun in the world while doing it.

Democracy Prep Public Schools is a growing network of seven nonprofit public charter schools that share the same goal of ensuring that all scholars “Work Hard, Go to College, and Change the World.”  In 2012-13, Democracy Prep is educating roughly 2,000 citizen-scholars in grades K-12. Over the past five years, Democracy Prep has been the highest performing Charter Management Organization on the Chancellor’s Progress Report, and in 2010 Democracy Prep Charter Middle School was named the #1 middle school in the entire City of New York. In 2012, Democracy Prep’s Harlem Prep Charter School became the most successful turnaround of a public school in New York State history.

# # # #

3 Ways YOU Can Help Get A Thousands of Kids Fencing in Harlem! (via Fencing in the Schools!)

Dear Friends,

Help us start NEW Fencing programs in Harlem!     Fencing in the Schools is a 501c3 foundation I started to help bring the great sport of fencing to kids around the country to fight childhood obesity and instill Olympic ideals.  It begins its mission to get 1 million students fencing in schools by 2023 with 1600+ students fencing in 6 Harlem schools starting in late march!  We also have the goal to get 10,000 kids by 2013-14 school!   I needs YOUR help to get our country fencing!

On March 13, Fencing in the Schools is hosting its kick-off event in NYC at the Baryshnikov Arts Center (450 W 37th St  New York, NY between 9th and 10th Ave) at 7pm featuring talks by 2012 US Olympic team members and two special Fencing Masters matches featuring top ranked men’s saber fencers Daryl Homer Vs. Tim Morehouse and top-ranked women’s foil fencers Nicole Ross Versus Nzhingha Prescod!

These matches will also be aired on national TV in April on Universal Sports!



#1 BUY TICKETS to the FENCING IN THE SCHOOLS March 13 Kick-Off event!  Go to and purchase a ticket!

You can earmark your ticket proceeds specifically to one of the schools in Harlem and earmark proceeds for your ticket(s) to one of the schools!  (Hint: If you earmark for “Democracy Prep Middle School – Olympian Tim Morehouse”  or go to my the top fundraiser for me will get a special prize!)

  •  My top fundraiser on my personal page will get a fencing lesson from me!

#2 DONATE!! Go to and donate!   Every donation helps!

#3 JOIN A FUNDRAISING TEAM AND SPREAD THE WORD! Each school has a specific fundraising page with a team made up of an Olympian, a fundraising captain and ANYONE CAN JOIN to help the cause!

* Step 1: Go to

* Step 2: Scroll down the page and click on one of the Olympian School Teams

* Step 3: on the page, Login via Facebook or create a Crowdrise account (costs you nothing!)

* Step 4: On the specific school page, click on “THE TEAM” and click on “JOIN THE TEAM!”

* Step 5: you are now a member of the team and you can post to facebook, twitter or send your friends an email requesting their support for Fencing in the Schools!

To help bring fencing to your school you can email to learn more or go to our website: