Can Dan Bak be Stopped? This weekend he begins his Future Stars Title defense at Fencing Academy of South Jersey.


In 2010, Dan Bak captured the first ever Future Stars Championship at the Fencing Masters NYC.   His prize? A place in the main event fencing in front of 1800+ spectators against Olympic Champion Aldo Montano.   Dan nearly pulled off an upset, falling 14-15 to Montano in a tough fought match. (Video Below)

Dan is back for more! He’s competing this weekend at Fencing Academy of South Jersey hoping to earn his way back to the Future Stars Championship and then wring out another victory that will put him in the main event!…this time in front of 2000+ spectators!   In 2010, the Future Stars Championship was only saber, but now it is  a 6-weapon team of foil, epee and saber both men and women that will fight their way to the main event.

Want to take your shot?

This weekend are the first two qualifiers.  See a listing of them



Dumitrescu wins Budapest Men’s Saber Grand Prix over Pillet 15-14

Budapest, Hungary – Rares Dumitrescu of Romania captured the gold defeated Pillet of France 15-14 in a dramatic final.   Gu (KOR) and Occhiuzzi (ITA) finished 3rd.

Full results can be found:

Tim Morehouse paced team USA finishing 12th defeating Apithy (FRA) 15-14 and #3 world ranked Oh (KOR) 15-7 before falling to eventual Bronze medal winner Occhiuzzi (ITA) 13-15.   Dan Bak finished 43rd and Daryl Homer 45th.   Bak fell to Shturbabin 13-15 and Homer lost to Liu (13-15)

The men’s saber fencing world cup circuit resumes again in less than two weeks with the Moscow world cup.

* Aldo Montano (ITA) and Yakimenko (RUS) both did not compete due to injury

* The FIE continues to play with the placement of the video replay screen.  No longer is it in front of the main referee while he’s refereeing for him to double check calls on his own, but it is now off to the side. (Time saving measure)

* On a personal note, in my 64 match I challenged 7 calls and won 6.   that’s the most I’ve ever challenged in a bout!

7 USA Fencers Advance at Trofeo Luxardo Men’s Saber World Cup

Padua, Italy — The largest men’s saber world cup in 8 years (160+ fencers) saw 7 of the 12 team USA men’s saber fencers advance on day 1.    Tim Morehouse (6-0) and Jeff Spear (5-1) advanced directly from the pools to the 64 by finishing in the top-16.   Daryl Homer (4-1), Ben Igoe (4-2), James Williams (4-2), Avery Zuck (4-2) and Mike Etropolski (3-3) all advanced out of the pools and defeated strong opponents to in direct elimination matches to advance.

In the elimination matches to make top-64, Ben Igoe beat Pundyk (UKR) 15-9, James Williams defeated Boyko (UKR)15-14 , Daryl Homer defeated Mokretsov (RUS)  (15-12), Mike Etropolski defeated Gelatanu (ROM) 15-13 and Avery Zuck defeated Mayer (CAN) 15-10.

Andrew Fischl, John Jalesky and Oleg Ochocki failed to advanced from the pools and Dan Bak fell in his second elimination match to advance.

Team USA fences again in the top-64 tomorrow.   In the first round, Ben Igoe faces off against Montano (ITA), Homer fencers Decsi (HUN), Williams fences Kim (KOR), Tim Morehouse fences Hartung (GER), Jeff Spear fences Riccadeli (ITA),  Mike Etropolski fences Tarrantino (ITA) and Avery Zuck fences Kovalev (RUS).


Team USA Men’s Saber in Italy for World Cup #2

We’ve just arrived in Padua, Italy for the second world cup of the season.

12 USA men’s saber fencers will be competing.  I’ll be posting results as best I can from here!

The competition starts tomorrow with pools and DEs to the top-64.  There will be a team event on Sunday.

World Cup Circuit #1 | Plovdiv, Bulgaria Starts Tomorrow

The 2011 International men’s saber Fencing Season kicks off tomorrow morning with the start of the world cups in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Team USA has 7 fencers here:  Daryl Homer, Tim Morehouse, James Williams, Ben Igoe, Dan Bak, Jeff Spear and Mike Etropolski along with coach Yury Gelman.  Andrew Fischl was a last minute scratch after he injured his knee last week.

This season’s schedule is different from the past.  First, there will be only 8 international senior tournaments in each weapon.  In the past, men’s saber had 14-15 world cups with varying strengths.   With only 8, every country will attend (should) each world cup, making for no easy competitions.

The Plovdiv, Bulgaria World Cup is also the first of 3 grand prix tournaments.  They will count as 1.5 of a regular world cup.   Meaning, they will award more points for Grand Prix events.

Team events are now help with the “regular” world cups.  Countries may only send 8 fencers to a grand prix and 12 to a “regular” world cup.   However, because most countries have more than 8 strong fencers, and because of the reduced numbers, it should mean that the “regular” world cups will likely be stronger and larger than the Grand Prix ones.

Will post results from day tomorrow.  There are 135 total competitors.   119 compete tomorrow with pools and preliminaries for 48 spots into the second day of 64.

US Fencers Mariel Zagunis and Tim Morehouse Win at Inaugural Fencing Masters NYC before 1800 spectators

New York, NY — The inaugural Fencing Masters NYC saw 2-time Olympic champion Mariel Zagunis and USA Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse captured the championships before a crowd of 1800+ at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Mariel Zagunis defeated Ukraine’s Olga Kharlan in a match that pitted the world’s #1 and #2 ranked fencer’s against each other.  In the men’s side, USA Team Member Daryl Homer defeated Olympic Silver Medalist Nicolas Lopez of France in the quarter-finals and then ’04 Olympic Champion Aldo Montano in the semi-finals before falling to Morehouse in the finals 11-15.

US Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse defeat Alex O’connell of Britain in the quarter-finals, followed by a victory over Jaime Marti of Spain, who had earlier defeated Ben Igoe in the quarters, setting up the All-USA final with Morehouse and Homer.

The Expo Championship tournament was won by Dan Bak who nearly pulled off an upset against Olympic Champion Aldo Montano of Italy in the Quarter-Finals.  Bak lost 15-14 in closely contested match-up.  Earlier, Dan Bak defeated St. John’s Sean Buckley in the finals of the Expo Championship.  16 competitors from around the country came to compete for the opportunity to fence in the main event.

The amazing Chelsea Chris sung the National Anthem and comedian Chris Destefano emceed before a crowd that included  20+ USA Fencing Olympians, Olympic gold medalist speed skater Joey Cheek, CSI’s Gerald McCullough and others.

The Fencing Masters NYC will air on television on SNY on Dec. 5th.  It will be the first televised USA Fencing tournament in the USA (non-Olympic) since the 1980s.  More information to come on the telecast.

Fencing Masters Expo Championship Qualifiers!

These athletes won Fencing Masters Qualifier Tournaments and will be competing on NOV 17 at the Expo Championship from 3-6:30pm with the winner going on to fence in the Main Event on TV against Olympic Champion Aldo Montano.

Tickets/More Info:

Fencing Masters NYC Qualifiers…(So far!)

Sean Buckley. Manhattan Fencing Center
Sean Buckley. Manhattan Fencing Center
Adam Bam Bam Austin.
Colin Colter
Andrew Fischl
Justin Pepe
Misha Mironovas
Dan Bak.
Adam Brewer

Sean Bates: We need a picture!

Want to qualify for the Fencing Masters NYC? (10 more chances!)

All-American PSU Alum Dan Bak Qualifiers for Fencing Masters Expo Tournament at NJFA Qualifier!

Fencing against a field of 50+ competitors in New Jersey this past weekend, First Team NCAA All-American Dan Bak prevailed and qualified for the Fencing Masters Expo Tournament!

Dan will be competing on Nov. 17th from 3-7pm at Hammerstein Ballroom with the rest of the FM qualifier champions with the chance to fence Olympic Champion Aldo Montano in the main event.

Good luck Dan!

Will you be joining Dan Bak?

Tickets and info:

Special thanks to NJFA for hosting a FM qualifier and Ibti and Daga for representing the FM out in NJ!

Venezuela Men’s Saber Fencing World Cup: Morehouse 5th. Etropolski 8th Pace Team USA. Igoe/Homer Top 16. Montano Wins.

Polamar, Venezuela — In the second to last world cup of the season with the 4th spot on the national team still open, Mike Etropolski fenced his way into 4th-spot, passing an idle James Williams, by defeating Carlos Bravo (VEN) in the round of 32 and then Gigi Tarrantino (ITA) 15-13 to make it into the top-8.     Ben Igoe, Daryl Homer and Tim Morehouse securely within the top-3.   Jeff Spear and Andrew Fischl, also both in contention lost to Decsi (HUN) 10-15 and Jansen (VEN) 8-15 respectively.

James Williams, who stopped competing mid-way through the season, has decided to return and will now fence at the New York World Cup and at Nationals meaning the 4th spot will come down to these final 2 competitions.

For team USA, Morehouse finished 5th and Daryl Homer and Ben Igoe made top-16.   Dan Bak,  Barron Nydham, Rhys Douglas and Oleg Ochocki also finished in the top-32.

The athletes fence again on Friday on the first day of the New York World Cup.

Men’s Saber Results from North American Cup of Fencing in Virgina Beach: Homer Wins.

Virginia Beach, Virgina – National Team Member Daryl Homer claimed his 2nd North American Cup victory of the season by defeating Oleg Ochocki  15-11 in front of a crowd of several hundred spectators.
Sean Buckley and Andrew Fischl finished 3rd with Jason Rogers, Dan Bak, Luther Clement and Mike Etropolski rounding out the bottom 8.  #1 ranked usa fencer Tim Morehouse lost in the top-32 to Franz Bogichev of Germany #3 ranked Ben Igoe lost to Etropolski in the round of 16.  #2 ranked James Williams did not compete because he has taken a job at a Hedge Fund in San Francisco and his fencing career might be done.

On a personal Note:
Was a tough day for me losing so early.   I’m training as hard as I ever have and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years, but sometimes in fencing if you don’t have the feeling for the distance all that matters not!   Usually I’m able to tough out those early round bouts when not fencing well, but Bogichev fenced a smart bout against me and so today was not meant to be.   No excuses, just back to work!

Luckily, I get to compete again in a few days since we’re leave for the Thailand World Cup…Hope to do better there and redeem myself nationally at the National Championships in July.  Congrats to all the fencers today!