Celebrity Fencing Photography! (An Auction For Charity)

This is one of the most comprehensive photography displays ever featuring fencing.  Photographs  by America’s Next Top Model Judge Nigel Barker and other luminaries from both the sports and fashion will be on display at Barneys and this is an opportunity for you to OWN some of these pictures!

You can view and bid on these images with proceeds going to the international humanitarian organization Right To Play:


All the pictures are mounted and framed with many of the pictures signed by the artists.   We have exclusive pictures of Fencing Olympians including Aldo Montano, Keeth Smart, James Williams, Jason Rogers, Emily Cross, Tim Morehouse, Cliff Bayer and others.

Other photographers involved include fencings  very own Serge Timacheff, famed sports photographer Howard Schatz and more!

Cool Sports News of the Day: Doing Athletics Makes You Smarter!

Cool article in Discovery Magazine about how sports can make you smarter called, “Why Athletes Are Geniuses.”

The qualities that set a great athlete apart from the rest of us lie not just in the muscles and the lungs but also between the ears. That’s because athletes need to make complicated decisions in a flash…In recent years neuroscientists have begun to catalog some fascinating differences between average brains and the brains of great athletes. By understanding what goes on in athletic heads, researchers hope to understand more about the workings of all brains—those of sports legends and couch potatoes alike.

Full Article:

And, since athletics makes you smarter and fencing is known as the “Braniest Sport” according to Sports Illustrated that means that fencing is the best sport for you to get SMAHTA.  😉

Fencing is on the Side of NYC Buses! Promoting TV Show “Top Chef Masters”!

The television show “Top Chef Masters” is the newest program to utilize the power of fencing to promote themselves! (Picture courtesy of fencing mega-star Emily Cross)

This ad is currently being displayed on the side of NYC busses.

Besides the big sports in the USA, is there another smaller sport featured more often than fencing in advertisements and on TV? 

It seems every week there is something new!

Penn State Dominates the 2009 Fencing NCAA Championships


Congratulations to Penn State  for winning NCAA National Fencing Championships and to the individual weapon champions! (Penn State captured 4 out of 6 of those!!!)

Doris Willete in women’s foil, Anastasia Ferdman in women’s epee, Becca Ward in women’s saber and Oleg Ochocki in men’s saber, Nicolas Chinman in men’s foil and Slave Zingerman in men’s epee.

I must also eat humble pie and congratulate Oleg on his men’s saber title.  I didn’t think he would make the top-4 and boy was I wrong! (And I’ve never been happier to be wrong!)  Congrats Oleg! I can’t wait to congratulation you in-person back in NYC!

Congrats to my Brandeis fencers as well for representing the Deis!

Some great blogs and news on the NCAA Championships below:


The Faces of Champions…