Vanity Fair Article Brings Attention Both Good and Bad

The Vanity Fairarticle has certainly been drawing a lot of attention to the blog and I’ve gotten a ton of emails! (Click here to Read the VF article)

I guesss you can’t expect everyone to view what you’re doing positively as a few comments on the website reveals!  I think this just comes with the territory unfortunately.

I’ve pasted the comments we’ve recived on their website below.  Mostly positive stuff! (thanks everyone!)

My favorite comment is that ‘Jason’s biggest flaw is he instigates envy’.   Not really sure what to even make of that.

Anyway, my comments on the comments are in () below. -Tim


Think this is just bs – and who the hell really cares? geez (Tim: lol)

Posted 8/7/2009 by Fido

Look on youtube for “olympic saber morehouse”; there’s some good footage. People will watch this stuff if it’s available. Half the movies that come out in a summer will have some kind of fake fencing in them; what about showing people real fencing? Crazy talk I guess. (Tim: Preach on!)

Posted 8/7/2009 by Baron111

I care. The thousands of fencers in the United States care. Fencing is the ultimate sport of endurance, flexability, agiltiy, intelligence, speed, accuracy, heart, and so much more. It is one of the few sports out there, a martial art, that’s history revolves around the fundamentals of honor. It is an amazing sport that doesn’t get nearly the credit that it deserves. Bravo to these two men for what they are trying to do. Fencing deserves more press and more understanding throughouth the nation. Perhaps if they succeed, we shall see a snowball affect of fencing popularity in our culture. (TIM: Fencing is amazing and thank you!)

Posted 8/7/2009 by merry_raven

Who cares? You should! Jason and his fellow fencers are real American heroes, not Hollywood “glitteratti!” I have known Jason Rogers since he was 5 years old and his family moved down our block. Jason and his parents are some of the finest, most dedicated people I have ever known. Most of us can hardly imagine the commitment of time, financial resources and “sweat equity” it took for Jason to become an Olympian not once, but twice without public support or meaningful sponsorship. His matches, if televised at all, were shown at 2 am! I know that, whether he is on the VIP circuit or working out for hundreds of hours in the gym, his greatest satisfaction is representing his country with distinction in the sport he loves. He and all of our fencers deserve respect for their achievements. They have more than earned their place on the red carpet. I trust that, when he wins that gold medal, Jason will be fully sponsored and I will be watching him on prime time.(Tim: Thank you! Jason appreciates these comments as well!)

Posted 8/7/2009 by 1knitwit

Jason Rogers has one major flaw: He instigates envy. In my personal experience with him he is grounded, intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate. On top of that he looks like a damn model. Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin “A truly superior man cultivates a few flaws in himself, to keep his friends in countenance.” I will say this though, this is a person who does not spin a lot of bs. I have no doubt that he is pursuing these activities, both on the (whatever fencers fence on) and off, for the reasons that he states. He may feint with a blade, but not with his integrity.
(Tim: I agree with everything after the first sentence)

Posted 8/8/2009 by mrquixote

Fencing is an exciting sport and these guys’ dedication to promoting the sport can benefit many young people. We need more stories like this that highlight accomplishments achieved through discipline, hardwork and commitment. They come across as amazing people, and I hope they get some sponsorships so that can keep going. Amazing awaits–London 2012! (THANKS!)

Posted 8/9/2009 by elmo

Fencing is physical chess with lightning speed! Although it’s been around forever, only now do we have thousands of kids learning to fence in fencing clubs all over the U.S.-and they need opportunities to be to continue to the highest levels-like fencing scholarships, coaching, and sponsorships. This is a great start, and I wish them well. BTW-how about our female fencers? They have done even better than the men! (Tim: our female fencers kick butt!)

Another Olympian Goes “Zoolander” aka My Modeling Book with Wilhelmina

I never thought I’d be a model, but since we are repped by Wilhelmina Models…

Well, when in Rome, right?

Here are a few shots from a test shoot I did about a month ago and the below is from a 3-page fashion spread I did for NV Magazine

I’m channelling my inner Zoolander now!  Hope you like the pictures…

You can check out my whole portfolio (Soon to be growing!) at: