Cool Fencing Video of the Day: Fencing with Fish!

The two fencers are Ben Bratton and Dwight Smith.  This commercial for the Food Network aired in 2007.

Found it on the Facebook athlete page of Ben Bratton, who you can follow by “liking” at his page:

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Cool Fencing Video of the Day: Dairy Queen’s Fencing Commercial!

I can’t remember the last time I actually eat at Dairy Queen, but kudos to them for a funny fencing commercial!

Another brand jumps on the fencing train!

Special thanks to Ryan Arieta for alerting me to this! You should follow him on twitter and thank him! @LeftyFencerRyan

Cool Fencing Video of The Day: Andrea Baldini’s Television Commercial for Kappa

Another Italian fencer has a TV commercial.   Andrea Baldini for Kappa.  The Italians seem to be leading the way in terms of their athletes being known figures in their country’s culture and being utilized in advertising for products.

Special Thanks to twitter friend  teta poli tetapoli for the heads up on this video!