Something BIG in the works for Fencing (A Sneak Preview)

Imagine a fencing event like the ones above in Italy, but in the USA!    The top  international fencers, several thousand paying spectators, sponsors underwriting and promoting the event, celebrities in attendance, plenty of media coverage and more…

I’m working to make this vision into a reality in NYC and today it’s one step closer to happening!  More details to come (and plenty of more steps to come), but let’s just say I will certainly need to rally YOU (Aka the amazing fencing community) to make this an vision into an unbelievable reality when it’s finalized.   Likely date is sometime after World Championships in November.

Go Fencing!

En Garde For Charity: A Special Night For Fencing And Right To Play at the Barneys Penthouse in NYC

Olympic Fencers are teaming up for a very special photo exhibit and auction to support the charity Right To Play on May 13th, 2010 at the Barneys Penthouse in NYC!

Olympians Cliff Bayer (’96 ’00), Keeth Smart (’00,’04’08), Peter Devine (’96), Erinn Smart (’00,’04,’08), Jason Rogers (’04 ’08) and Tim Morehouse (’08) along with fellow Benefit Committee members Scott Buccheit, Jackie Astier, David Clay, Linda Rizk, Matt Snatnick, Sam Hamadeh, Wendy Doyle and Dana Sydney invite you join us as we get, “En Garde For Charity”.

We will have exclusive never-before-seen photographs of fencing from famed photographers Nigel Barker and Howard Schatz, some of the best works from Serge Timacheff and pictures seen in the media throughout the years by great photographers including David Burnett, Joe McNally, Gigi Stoll, Chiun-Kai Shih, Phillip Moy and Patrick McMullan.   

There will of course be cocktails, hors d’oeuvre, great media coverage and plenty of fun surprises!

Tickets are $150 and space is limited.

A Good Example for Fencing: Polo Player Nacho Figueras’s Mainstream Mission for his Sport Discussed (Newsweek Article)

I pay close attention to Nacho Figueras and his athlete-led charge to bring the sport of Polo into the mainstream.   He’s already made huge strides, but there is more to go.

Check out the Newsweek article as posted on Nacho’s twitter:
@nachofigueras Thanks @Newsweek for mentioning me in “Learning to Play Polo” & my mission in making polo a more mainstream sport.

I’m hoping to start creating some publicly viewed fencing matches/events  in NYC starting in the near future.   May 13th will be a little kick-off  of this endeavor.  I’m helping to  host a charity event for Right To Play using fencing photography from famous artists (more to come on that), but that will get the ball rolling… 

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