Fencing is a Sexy Sport: Polish Olympic Fencer Sylwia Gruchala for K•Swiss!!

I don’t know how I missed this…

From the K-Swiss Website:
Sylwia Gruchala is the new female face of K•Swiss. The strikingly beautiful fencing champion from Poland has recently aligned herself with the major sports brand, and is featured in various K•Swiss advertising campaigns around the globe. http://www.k-swiss.com.au/ks_news_sylwia.php

So far we’ve got Margherita Granbassi (ITA) in Nike ads (which ran in NYC btw), Aldo Montano in body wash and fashion advertisements and Sylwia Gruchala with K•Swiss. Go Fencing!

Now, all we need is a US athlete to partner with a big brand for an advertising campaign!!!

Fencing Is a Sexy Sport: Olympic Champion Aldo Montano’s Body Wash Commercial For a Product Called “Sex”

This video was sent to me by one of my great fans Frank! 

Frank writes, “Don’t know where to put this, but since you sometimes do the “Fencing is a Sexy Sport” posts, I thought you might find this hideous/hilarious commercial of Aldo Montano and body wash amusing.  The name of the product line literally appears to be “sex”. Oh, those Italians.”

Wow…I’ll let you all do the comenting on this one!  (I can’t lie…we need something like this with US Athletes!)  What would our “USA fencing body wash” be called?

Fencing is a Sexy Sport: Asian Edition!


From the blog Fencing For Dummies (nice find!)  The website blog writes: The model’s name is Nok Ausanee, apparently an actress of some repute in Thailand. (MORE: Fencing For Dummies)

Nice…Saber.  Below pictures from a Korean magazine called “Singles”.


Ko Ara (”Ara) picks up fencing for the latest photoshoot in the December 2008 issue of the Korean magazine, “The Singles.” And in this watered down concept that includes fairy tales such as, “princess and the pea” and “Hansel and Gretel,” the photos are  just to show that  Ara is all grown up.
READ MORE: http://popseoul.com/2008/11/20/ko-ara-is-a-sexy-fencer-for-singles/

“Fencing is a Sexy Sport” Campaign Catching On!

The re-branding of fencing as a sexy sport and it’s fencers as the modern day Knights of our time continues with fencing.net founder Craig Harkins…

Carolina Fencing Shot Girl

Craig posted a “fencing is a sexy sport” entry today on his blog with this  picture of a girl from an NC Fencing Alumni event wearing a Carolina Fencing Shirt.

Check it out:

Metro Sports New York Feature Story on Olympian Tim Morehouse (Out Now!)


I  was really excited to finally get my hands on a copy of  the latest issue of Metro Sports New York and to read the article by Sarah Wassner Flynn! (thought she did a terrific job and I wasn’t expecting a whole page!)

She writes, “We recently chatted with the 30-year-old to find out more about his workouts–and how he plans to bring sexy back to his sport.” 

The fencing is a sexy sport campaign continues! 🙂

The Cover

You can pick up the free magazine in gyms across New York City over the next month and when it’s put online I’ll get the link here here as well!    

In the article I’m answering the questions…
1) How do you get so fit from fencing?

2) Where have you decided to keep your medal

3) What are you up to when you’re not working out or squaring off?

4) Fencing isn’t the sexiest sport out there. What are your plans to make it more glam?

5) Like your own Gatorade or Nike Commercial?