Cool Picture of the Day: US Saber Fencing Olympians Representing Teams from 1976-2008

(from left to right) Jason Rogers (’04,’08), Akhi Spencer-El (’00), Peter Westbrook (”76,’80’84,’88’, ‘92,96), Steve Mormando (’84,’88,’92), Tim Morehouse (’04, ’08) and Keeth Smart (’00,’04,’08)

Follow Me on Twitter? What is Twitter’s Importance to Modern-Day Athletes and Do These “Follower” Numbers Really Matter to Sponsors?

As of 12:38am on December 7, 2009 I have 425 followers on twitter. (2500 on Facebook, 15,000+ hits a month on this blog) and  I thought the number of twitter follows I had wasn’t a big deal until a publicist friend of mine over brunch recently told me sternly, “This is an unacceptable number Tim.”

“Why?” I responded naively. 

He told me I needed to get over 10,000 followers pronto if I was serious about getting sponsors and being a “player”.   He also said the fact that my last “tweet” at the time was over 22 hours ago was also not good.  

So, the past two days I’ve begun tweeting more (it’s also currently feeding directly to my FB status, but thinking that might be overkill), but I’m still wondering just how these hours spent tweeting away will be beneficial?

He swears it will be huge for me and he’s a smart, knowledgable and successful publicist so I’m listening to him,  but everyone is saying how powerful twitter can be to a business, but how important is it really going to be for a small sport athlete like myself trying to get a sponsor?

Are there concrete examples out there that you know where twitter has helped someone in a comparable position like my own to succeed?  

And, is part of being a modern-day small sport athlete going for sponsors going to require twitter and social networking?

I guess I just need to “see it”.   So, I’m gunning for 10,000 twitter follows and hoping to see that this makes a difference!!   I’d love to achieve this by the time the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver are over which is when the  Olympic sponsors will turn their sites to new potential summer athletes to fund.

So, I say to you HELP A SMALL SPORT ATHLETE! Follow me on twitter!

And, if you have any advice on “tweeting” and “twittering” effectively, let me know!