The Most Watched Fencing Video on the Internet?

Found this video on youtube set to the music of the matrix with 100,000+ hits.   Skateboarding found a nice little niche making videos of cool moves set to music, it seems like that might be a way for fencing to make some great stuff that would appeal to a wider audience.  

Seeing cool fencing moves edited well and set to music seems like something that a lot of people could enjoy and would watch.(Would be cool if  at all big national competitions there was a highlight package made set to music…so who is going to do that?)

Thoughts? Volunteers?

Fencing Video of The Day: Wicked Counter-Parry by Nazlymov (USSR) Vs. Montano (ITA) in Gold Medal Team Match at 1976 Montreal Olympics

Vladamir Nazlymov (USSR) on the left takes a counter-parry against Montano (ITA) on right during the Gold medal team match of the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada.

Historical Notes:
* Nazlymov won the Bronze medal in the individual at that Olympics and the USSR would capture team gold.  

* The USSR swept the individual medals at that Olympics.  

* The fencing was non-electric and you could flech (aka cross your feet)

Fencing Matches: James Williams (USA Olympian) Vs. Aldo Montano (Italian Olympic Champian ’04) at Budapest Saber Fencing World Cup 2010

Video Courtesy of CyrusofChaos

Team USA Fencer James Williams (on left) Vs. Italian Aldo Montano of Italy. (On right) 

In the round of 64 at the Budapest World Cup.  Great stuff.

Andrew Fischl New Compilation Video: Pillet and Decsi Slow Attack Video

Hello everyone! It’s Andrew Fischl again and I have completed my newest compilation video. This one features the attacks of Julien Pillet of France and Tamas Decsi of Hungary. They use an attack that is typical of a lot of fencers: gather a lot of speed and throw out a huge, slow finish at the end.