The Dark Days of FencingSucks.Com

It was 2000-2003 when was at the height of its “prominence” in the US fencing world.
Prominence=people posting nasty things anonymously about each other on its bulletin board. (The site still shows up as one of the top items when you Google Search “fencing”)

A typical post would be, “X Fencer sucks!  He’s ugly and has no fencing skills.”   Yes, I was posted about a few times…always fun.    The website was a chance for people t cowards to smear others from the shadows…and sadly there were a decent amount of people who liked to do that!

I’m not sure how many people actually visited the site, but it was a decent amount …even admitting you went to the website was something you didn’t do without worrying you would be judged…except you would usually discover that whoever you mentioned it too also had been to the website…and then you’d feel better.(but still dirty!)

The website slowly died out as people discovered other things to occupy their time and people got craftier with tracking down IP addresses and identities and those nasty posters began to think twice…and then the bulletin board was eventually shut down.  There are still pictures there and some humor, but not much else…
So, do you have a story? Who was behind that website anyway? (email me!)

Top 10 Fencing Athlete Websites!

Is Polish fencer Sylwia Gruchala's Website #1?

Ok readers, what are the top 10 fencing athlete websites?


After extensive research (About 15 minutes) I’ve compiled a list of 5 websites to start off the competition!


Consider this post a work in progress and a cry request for help!


I was thinking that there must be a bunch of other great athlete pages out there and when I have a bunch I’ll set up a poll so we can have a fair vote. (For now Sylwia Gruchala gets the early nod)


Top-10 Fencing Athlete Websites

#1)Sylwia Gruchala

– Polish Olympian Sylwia Gruchala is a model and “famous” face of our sport in Poland 


#2 Mark Perros

–  Keeps a nice blog with pictures.  There he is in Tunis…



#3 Jason Rogers

 – I actually love this websites design best of all.  Great design, pictures, videos etc.


#4 Tim Morehouse  (sorry for shameless plug!)

– My site is focused on promoting the speaking career I’m trying to buid right now

Mine was designed by Ictus Initiative


#5 Monika Sozansk

German Epee fencer. Pretty solid website. Nice photographs.


#6 Britta Heidmann

– German Epee Fencer and solid website. 

#7 Joe Littler

– Young British Fencer