Dumitrescu wins Budapest Men’s Saber Grand Prix over Pillet 15-14

Budapest, Hungary – Rares Dumitrescu of Romania captured the gold defeated Pillet of France 15-14 in a dramatic final.   Gu (KOR) and Occhiuzzi (ITA) finished 3rd.

Full results can be found: http://gkk2011.pbtfencing.hu/clasfinal.htm

Tim Morehouse paced team USA finishing 12th defeating Apithy (FRA) 15-14 and #3 world ranked Oh (KOR) 15-7 before falling to eventual Bronze medal winner Occhiuzzi (ITA) 13-15.   Dan Bak finished 43rd and Daryl Homer 45th.   Bak fell to Shturbabin 13-15 and Homer lost to Liu (13-15)

The men’s saber fencing world cup circuit resumes again in less than two weeks with the Moscow world cup.

* Aldo Montano (ITA) and Yakimenko (RUS) both did not compete due to injury

* The FIE continues to play with the placement of the video replay screen.  No longer is it in front of the main referee while he’s refereeing for him to double check calls on his own, but it is now off to the side. (Time saving measure)

* On a personal note, in my 64 match I challenged 7 calls and won 6.   that’s the most I’ve ever challenged in a bout!

In a Battle of Champions: Limbach Claims the Gold Over Zhong. Yakimenko Strong in Return. Big Day for Upsets.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria — 2009 World Champion Nicolas Limbach captured the gold over 2008 Olympic Champion Man Zhong 15-11.     Italian fencers, Dieggo Ochiuzzi and Liugi Miracco both finished 3rd after a strong day of fencing for both.

For the USA, Tim Morehouse advanced to the top-32 defeating Jiang of China 15-14 before falling to Alexey Yakimenko 9-15.   Ben Igoe fell 14-15 to Desci (HUN) and Homer lost to Nicholas Limbach 13-15 in the round of 64.

Yakimenko is making his return after a 2-month suspension by the Russian Fencing Federation for unsportsmanlike conduct at a competition.  He looked strong defeating  Szilagy (HUN), Morehouse (USA) and Dumetrescu (ROM) before falling to Mirraco (ITA).

There were a lot of upsets throughout the tournament.  Only one fencer in the top-16 advanced to the round of 8.  

In the round of 64: Hutchinson (GBR) defeated Pillet (FRA) 15-14.  Moreno (ESP) defeated Nemscik (HUN) 15-14.  Bela (HUN) defeated Lopez (ESP) Dolniceanu (ROM) defeated Pina.(ESP)

In the controversial bout of the day, Apithy (FRA) defeated Marti (ESP)15-14 on a disputed call.    Marti made a lunge which landed as Apithy retreated and then took over to riposte and the referees spent 10 minutes determining if Marti’s foot landed first, meaning his attack would be short, if if the blade landed first.  By a tiny amount they determined his foot landed first and gave the point to Apithy…

However, they spent so much time watching Marti’s feet that they missed Apithy potentially crossing his feet which would have given the bout to Marti.   Apithy had already left the strip as Marti tried to get them to look at the replay again to see his feet and he stood on the strip for 15 minutes as various conversations took place, but the bout was ultimatley awarded to Apithy.

Kosikov (RUS) was beating Wang (CHN) 8-0 a tthe break before Wang retired citing a back injury.

The competition continues tomorrow with the team events.  USA Vs. Japan in the round of 16.  Follow on www.twitter.com/timmorehouse

There Can Only Be 2…

Dallas WC 019Dallas WC 012Dallas WC 024

Jason Rogers, Daryl Homer and James Williams (Pictured above) are set for a final do or die battle for the final two National Team Sports at the Dallas World Cup.

In the round of 64, Homerfences Apithy of France who elimated him 15-6 at the last world cup, Williams battles fellow countryman Even Prochniak and Jason Rogers duels German Bjorn Hubner with matches starting at 1pm.

Jason Rogers will need to advance one round beyond either James Williams or Daryl Homer to qualify since he is slightly behind both in the point standings.

Already qualified National team members Ben Igoe battles his former coach Vassil Etropolski and Tim Morehouse battles fellow countryman Andrew Fischl.  Dan Bak, Jeff Spear, Adrian Bak, Dan Berliner, Valentin Staller and several other US fencers are also set to compete.

Follow all the action at www.twitter.com/timmorehouse

Do or Die in Dallas!

Who will qualify in Dallas? Daryl Homer, James Williams and Jason Rogers are all in a dead heat!
Who will qualify in Dallas? Daryl Homer, James Williams and Jason Rogers are all in a dead heat!

The race for the US National Team in Men and Women’s Saber are going to come down to one final showdown next weekend at the Dallas World Cup!! (June 20-23rd…Follow it on my twitter: www.twitter.com/timmorehouse)

In Men’s Saber, Ben Igoe and Tim Morehouse have safely secured the 1-2 spots and the final 2 spots will come down to a battle between Beijing Olympians James Williams and Jason Rogers and Jr. World Championship Bronze Medalist Daryl Homer

If you want the gory detailed explanation of points keep reading! (But be warned this system isn’t easy to get!!)

As the US Fencing Website so aptly says, “The USFA Point System is Complex” so I will attempt to break it down in regular sports terms! 

Essentially, the 3 fencers are in a near tie for the final 2 qualification spots with James and Daryl owning the “tie-breaker” over Rogers.  Jason Rogersis currently 5th, but with less than 100 points separating each of them it means that if two of them make the 2nd day and one does not then the person that does not make the 2nd day would be 5th.  If any two fencers advance one round past the other than they will qualify.  If all three fencers finish in the 64 then James Williams and Daryl Homer will qualify.  If all 3 make the top-32 then their seeding will start to come into play so if one of them finishes 19th versus 31st for example then that is enough for one to pass the other.   Since Rogers is 5th he would need to have a stronger seeding over Homer or Williams to qualify in this scenario.  Get it? (wheeew!)

In women’s saber, the race isn’t quite as tight, but the door for Alexis Jemal or Carline Vlolka to pass Monica Aksamit or Daria Schneider is there.   (Dagmara Wozniak and Marielare mathematically qualified)  For Jemal or Vlolka to pass Schneider to Aksamit they will need to make at least a top-32, with Schneider or Aksamit not qualifying for the 2nd day.  if Schneider makes day 2 then Jemal and Vlolka will need to make top-16 to pass.  If Schneider makes top-32 then Jemal/Vlolka will need to make top-8 to pass since a top-16 won’t be enough in this case. (Top 64= approx. 200points , top 32 = approx 650 points, top-16 = approx. 1200 points, top8=1600, top4=2000, 2nd 2200, 1st 2400)

Of course, the X factor is the Strength Factor!   World Cups give more or less points based on the level of fencers entered.   Men’s saber should be a 2.0 SF which  means top 64 will receive points.   2.0 is the highest level.  If  it isn’t a 2.0 then no points are award for top-64, it only begins in top-32.    All the scenarios I described above can change based on the strength of the competition since less points are award once it’s under a 2.0.   I’m not sure how strong women’s saber will be, but in men’s saber the French, Ukraine and several other strong nations will be attending.

Bottom line, this should be a very interesting competition.  Women’s saber will have at least 2 new National team members and men’s saber will have Igoe making his first senior national team with the up and coming Daryl Homer also striving to make his first over Olympians Williams and Rogers.  (All coached by Yury Gelman by the way!)

Stay tuned! It should be a classic Texas Show Down!


  Junior Name YOB Points Point Total
1   Morehouse, Timothy 1978 7596.432 7596.432
2   Igoe, Benjamin 1985 7165.888 7165.888
3   Williams, James 1985 3688.488 3688.488
4 # Homer, Daryl 1990 3653.112 3653.112
5   Rogers, Jason 1983 3549.216 3549.216


Rank Junior Name YOB Points Point Total
1   Zagunis, Mariel 1985 11816.76 11816.76
2   Wozniak, Dagmara 1988 4631.878 4631.878
3 # Aksamit, Monica 1990 3530 3530
4   Schneider, Daria 1987 3228 3228
5   Jemal, Alexis 1981 2544 2544
6 # Vloka, Caroline 1990 2341 2341.856

Bronze Medal in Madrid!


The Bronze Medalists of the Madrid World cup: Jaime Marti and Tim Morehouse!

What a day! It actually started out rather slowly…

I fenced Kudo of Japan in the round of 64 and just barely squeezed by with a 15-12 win.  In the next round, fencing a young Frenchmen named Hugo I was down 7-13 before rallying to 15-13 victoy! (The biggest comeback I have had in awhile) After that match I really turned it on and defeated Zalomir of Romania 15-7 and then Samelle of Italy 15-12 before falling to Nemscik of Hungary 15-9 in semi-finals.(Live on Spanish TV lol)

Ben Igoe and Daryl Homer also had strong performances advancing to the round of 16.    James Williams, Jason Rogers, Jeff Spear and Mike Etropolski lost in the round of 64.    Ben defeated Etropolski in round of 64, Tricarico of Italy in  the round of 32 before falling to Nemscik in round of 16.   Daryl beat Imparato in the round of 32 before falling to Hanceanu of Romania.

Dumetrescu of Romania Gold, Nemscik of Hungary Silver.
Dumetrescu of Romania Gold, Nemscik of Hungary Silver.

The race for the national team will now be extremely close with James Williams, Jason Rogers and Daryl Homer now only seperated by less than a hundred points for the final 2 spots.

Other Notes:
* Dumetrscu has now won 3 world cups this year.  There hasn’t really been anyone consistently winning world cups in a long time.
* Nemscik had fallen far in the rankings, but last week he was 3rd and now 2nd and he will jump back close to the top-16
* We’re staying in Madrid until Thursday and then heading to Padua, Italy for the final Grand Prix of the year