Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue Golf Outing “Pros with a Purpose” in West Hampton

Pros With a Purpose Day 2 009

After a night in the quiet and scenic town of Quogue, Jason and I arose to catch an 8:15am shuttle bus taking all the athletes/celebrities to the golf course to meet their golf partners for the 1st Annual Generation Rescue charity event.

Pros With a Purpose Day 2 006

We were by far the youngest athletes by at least a decade so it was interesting to be around so many sports legends.  Many of them were heroes from the teams I grew up watching as a kid which was  real treat for me.   

Pros With a Purpose Day 2 003

On the funny side, as I boarded the bus, the driver said, “Young man, I think you’re on the wrong bus!” and he started asking me to get off!

Luckily, some former Giants players from their 1986 Superbowl Championship team vouched for us!  (Slightly embarrassing moment however!)

Pros With a Purpose Day 2 007

The weather was sadly not going to accommodate the event.  It was already a downpour as we drove to the golf course.   We had breakfast and then tried to wait out the rain, but to no avail.  They ended up canceling the golf outing, but it was still a fun time as fans and supporters of Generation Rescue mingled drank, eat and took photographs.  
Pros With a Purpose Day 2 001

How these golf outings work is interesting.   You go in groups of 4 and after each person hits their own ball you go to where the best shot has been hit and then your group all hits from that spot.  It prevents one group from slowing down everyone else and also allows people (like myself) who aren’t very good at golf to play and not take 900 shots to reach the hole.

Larry Citarelli organized the event with Corey Pavin’s wife.   My Friend TV and Radio personality Ann Ligouriwas there and a great sport, letting me interview her in what I hope will become a new segment of interviews I do with athletes and celebrities for this blog.   Others in attendance, Corey Pavin, Bud Harrelson and Ed Kranepool; retired NY Giants stand-outs OJ Anderson, Brian Kelly, Karl Nelson, Bart Oates and William Roberts; former NY Jets Chad Cascadden, Richard Caster and Bruce Harper

If you’d like to support this great cause you can go to:

Sunrise Day Camp Charity Gala


I’ve never seen a young girl with as much poise as Julia (pictured above) showed tonight as she delivered the keynote speech to several hundred adults gathered at the Sunrise Day Camp charity Gala.

Despite her young age, the young girl hero delivered a very compelling speech about the impact that camp Sunrise is making in children’s lives.  She told the crowd, “You don’t want to get cancer, but if you do, having a place like Sunrise is great.”

Kraig Fox receiving the Sunrise Community Award

The Sunrise Day Camp is the only dedicated camp in the nation for children with cancer and their siblings to jointly participate.   The money raised at the event will help send more children to the camp which that offers free attendance and is clearly making a huge difference in hundreds of children’s lives as evidenced by Julia.

Jason Rogers, Howie Schwartz and I attended the event and our fencing clinic was an auction item to help raise money for the camp.  It sold to Marlena Ken and we can’t thank her enough for her donation and we can’t wait to see her and her son in the near future at our clinic!  


The fundraiser was held at the Glen Cove Country Club in Long Island.   Kraig Fox along with Karen and Marc Spector were honored for their efforts to raise money and awareness and they also helped provide some of the fabulous auction items.   

Several interesting items (to me at least), I ran into several Brandeis alum including Vicky Epstein who use to fence (Told you fencers were everywhere!), the deserts were amazing and  there was this most spectaculr picture of Jerry Garcia made up of tiny pictures from his career.(separate post on this later!)  

Marlena Ken (center) who had the high bid on our clinic
Marlena Ken (center) who had the high bid on our clinic

Most importantly, really a powerful night that helped a good cause and am just in awe of young Julia!  To learn more about camp Sunshine go to:

Desert! Mmmm
Desert! Mmmm



Grand Stand Sports and Olympic Medalists Rogers and Morehouse Team up to Help Charities

Jason with an autographed skate board from Shaun White at the offices of Grand Stand Sports in New York
Jason with an autographed skateboard from Tony Hawk at the offices of Grand Stand Sports in New York

Helping charities, promoting fencing and attending fun events…all things Jason and I will be able to do more of thanks to our new partnership with Grand Stand Sports!

Grand Stand Sports is a company that runs silent and live auctions for charities in New York City and other locations around the country.   After the $20,000 dollars that our fencing clinic raised at the Boys Town charity gala a few months back, we entered into discussions with them about making our fencing clinic a regular item for their charity auctions and now it’s a reality!

They have worked with such great charities as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society and Children’s Miracle Network to name a few. Our clinic will help raise funds for great causes like these as well as exposing new people to our sport!

Our new partner Howie Schwartz from Grand Stand Sports
Our new partner Howie Schwartz from Grand Stand Sports

The idea for the clinic was inspired by Michael Phelps, who offers a chance to swim with him as an item that charities can auction and then every once in awhile he conducts his clinic with the winning bidders.  On our end, every other month Jason and I will conduct a fencing clinic at the Manhattan Fencing Center for the winning bidders so this works well with our busy training schedules.

If you know of any charities that would like to have a silent or live auction…it’s free for the charity, and they provide the staff and set the auction up.   The items offered are also more than just sporting items and they can walk a charity through their offerings.