Fencing Takes the Runway at Humane Society Fundraiser “Paws for Style”

Fundraising,  increasing awareness for a charity, promoting fencing and all collided on a fashion runway tonight as Jason Rogers and me “fenced” down the catwalk as the opening “act” at of the annual “Paws for Style”  event run by Wendy Diamond to support man’s  people’s best friends!

Throwing Jason across the stage in our dramatic duel on the runway..(Check how close we are to the ledge!)

This was a truly new and exhilarating experience for us!  We came dashing off the side of the stage going back and forth with parrys before throwing off our masks as Jason attacked me down the runway while I nervously counted paces to make sure I wouldn’t  misjudge the distance and go flying off of the very high and narrow stage!

We threw in a few flips, a duck and jump move and then took a bow to the roughly 500 people and dozens of media in attendance.  We then held our sabers high as host Wendy Diamond came out to thank everyone for coming.  Then the rest of the “fashion show”  commenced andincluded designer Richie Rich, American Idolists, SI Swimsuit models, socialiates and various television personalities walking with their dogs.

With American Idolist Jamar Rogers

Thanks to Wendy for inviting us to participate and to our friends Celine Marie and Helena Dep for being the best supporters!

Big week, birthday party tomorrow night and then I’ll be heading to DC on Wednesdsay with Melvin Rodriguez where we will be meeting up with Cadet world Champion Katie Holmes for a fencing demo on Capitol Hill! (Join us if you’re in DC!)

With our friends Celine Marie and Helena Dep backstage