Budapest World Cup: Morehouse (USA) Vs. Iliasz (HUN), Dumitrescu Vs. Gu For Gold

My match against Iliasz (HUN)  to make round of 16.  I’m on the right and he’s on the left.  He beat me 15-14 in a tough match. 

Dumitrescu (ROM) vs Gu (KOR) for Gold.    Gu is the Junior world champion from 2008 and this was only his 2nd senior circuit world cup!

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James Williams Paces US Fencers with Top16 Result at the Budapest World Cup of Fencing.

James Williams lead the US fencing team with a 12th place result at the Budapest, Hungary result.   He defeated Olympic Champion Aldo Montano 15-9 in the of 64, Kuniusz of Poland 15-5 in the round of 32 before falling 15-8 to Zalomir of Romania.  This is the second competition in a row that Zalomir has eliminated Williams.

His teammates, Tim Morehouse fell in the round of 32 14-15 to Iliasz (HUN) after defeating Perros (CAN) 15-12 in the round of 64.  Ben Igoe lost 14-15 to Beijing Olympic Champion Zhong (CHN) and Mike Etropolski fell 11-15 to Zalomir. (ROM)


Rares Dumetrescu of Romania captured the Gold medal over Gu of Korea.   Zalomir (ROM) and Iliasz (HUN) finished tied for third.

The entire ranking Tableu of the competition can be found here:

The team event begins early tomorrow so I’m off to bed and will write more tomorrow.  We fence Japan in the round of 16.  Daryl Homer, Ben Igoe, James Williams and Tim Morehouse will make up the US team.