Fencing is a Sexy Sport: Aldo Montano’s underwear Ad

Ok, by far we get the most comments saying, “I can’t wait to see Aldo Montano!!!”  So we at the Fencing Masters NYC  just needed to pay homage to his fans here in the USA!

Will you be coming to see him fence at the Fencing Masters NYC on Nov 17 at Hammerstein Ballroom?

Get your tickets! www.fencingmastersnyc.com

Members of Team USA Fencing training for Worlds in Tauber, Germany

Hi from Tauberbischofsheim, Germany!

We’ve (James Williams, Ben Igoe, Mike Etropolski, myself and Coach Yury Gelman) been in Germany for 4 days now training with the German, Italian and Romanian national teams.    The training center here is probably the largest in the world and we’ve been enjoying ourselves.   Fencing a lot of matches against different people and enjoying the fresh air of this small town.

I will post pictures of the training center later.

There is a big pre-worlds camp competition this weekend and the Canadian national team along with Daryl Homer and a few other folks are flying in for it.  Should be a great warm up for Worlds.(and the national competition we have next week in Cincinnati!)

Tomorrow we are resting and touring a bit before the competition!

More Pictures:

Cool Fencing Picture of the Day: Happy Birthday Marco Tricarico!

Italian fencer Marco Tricarico has a birthday today!

He has spent the last 4 weeks in NYC doing a (working) vacation.  We’ve been fortunate to have him helping us with the Fencing Masters NYC.  His energy and work have been invaluable!

He will head back to Italy next week to begin training with the Italian National team as they prepare for worlds.     THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK MARCO and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!

Fencing.Net: Vezzali Wins Seoul for 71st World Cup Gold

Valentina Vezzali - Queen of Foil

By Craig Harkins (www.fencing.net)

Italian foilist Valentina Vezzali won her 71st World Cup Gold and added yet another credit to the claim of best fencer ever with a 15-7 win over Virginie Ujlaky (FRA) in the finals of the Seoul Grand Prix.

The US placed two fencers in the top-32 as Doris Willette took 22nd and Nzingha Prescod finished 24th.
(Read Whole Article: www.fencing.net)

Cool Fencing Video of The Day: Andrea Baldini’s Television Commercial for Kappa

Another Italian fencer has a TV commercial.   Andrea Baldini for Kappa.  The Italians seem to be leading the way in terms of their athletes being known figures in their country’s culture and being utilized in advertising for products.

Special Thanks to twitter friend  teta poli tetapoli for the heads up on this video!

Fencing Is a Sexy Sport: Olympic Champion Aldo Montano’s Body Wash Commercial For a Product Called “Sex”

This video was sent to me by one of my great fans Frank! 

Frank writes, “Don’t know where to put this, but since you sometimes do the “Fencing is a Sexy Sport” posts, I thought you might find this hideous/hilarious commercial of Aldo Montano and body wash amusing.  The name of the product line literally appears to be “sex”. Oh, those Italians.”

Wow…I’ll let you all do the comenting on this one!  (I can’t lie…we need something like this with US Athletes!)  What would our “USA fencing body wash” be called?

Fencing Matches: James Williams (USA Olympian) Vs. Aldo Montano (Italian Olympic Champian ’04) at Budapest Saber Fencing World Cup 2010

Video Courtesy of CyrusofChaos

Team USA Fencer James Williams (on left) Vs. Italian Aldo Montano of Italy. (On right) 

In the round of 64 at the Budapest World Cup.  Great stuff.

Olympian and Wilhelmina Model Tim Morehouse Aims to Put Fencing on the Map with Polo Player and Ralph Lauren Model Nacho Figueras as a Role-Model

Apparently this modeling thing has some legs…

Never in my life, especially while working at Teach For America teaching 7th grade Social Studies did I think I’d be a Wilhelmina Model doing photo shoots for fashion brands and magazines, but since the Beijing Olympics as we’ve tried to promote fencing it seems like the fashion world has really been a great ally.  Who knew?

The past two weeks I’ve been doing  a number of exciting shoots and I guess we’ll see how far this will go!  The NY Post’s Page 6. The Huffington Post and Vanity Fair can’t be wrong, right? They’ll all discussed our modeling adventures…

I love the idea of promoting fencing in a similar manner to what Nacho Figueras the Polo player has done, but to even a greater level since our sport is much more accessible…(we don’t need horses and fields to play!)

Check out this article on him from the New York Times on him:”Putting Glamour on Horseback“.  The gist, he’s a Polo player, Ralph Lauren model and does an amazing job promoting his sport and finding it a unique niche for sponsors.  

Beautiful horse? Check Gorgeous? Check Athletic? Check A fan of wearing Ralp Lauren? Check Polo player, Nacho Figueras, sounds pretty perfect.
Nacho Figueras

My vision for fencing’s niche in our modern-day society is  that  it can be both unique social gathering and sporting event for adults and a learning tool and participation sport for children.  

It’s an expanded vision built on what Nacho has done with Polo matches in the Hamptons except we can do these in the major cities like NYC and LA and we also can teach tons of children to do it in schools and clubs.   

The sport would be on display in an elegant manner both in regards to where its taking place and how the fencers and crowd interact and dress.   Think old school chivalry and honor meets modern-day fashion and technology.   It would be a re-branded modern version involving fencing’s spectacular history as a sport of Kings and Nobility with its new benefits as a safe (no one gets stabbed anymore!) sport of  strategy and athleticism for people to do to be healthy at all ages.

The Italian Fencing Association is doing this the best right now.   See my “Fencing Done Right…” article for some pictures of what fencing could be.  

Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to have people settling their differences again with a duel?

Stay tuned!

Fencing Done Right! The Memorial Calarese Competition in Palermo, Italy

This is how fencing should be! 

From the FIS web site

– Great fencing tonight in Palermo at the Teatro Politeama during the “Memorial Calarese,” a trophy to honor the memory of one of the best Sicilian saber fencers ever. Aldo Montano won in the final bout over Nicolas Limbach 15-10.

With about 1000 people present including Michele Maffei and Rolando Rigoli, the competition started with Nicolas Limbach (GER) against Mamoudou Seta (SEN) with a 15-7 win. Then Giampiero Pastore (ITA) beat Benjamin Reshetnikov (RUS) 15-9.

In the quarter finals Luigi Tarantino (ITA) fenced against the 2008 Olympic Champion Zhong Man (CHN). After an intense bout Zhong won 15-10. Lastly, Aldo Montano (ITA), had a real hard time to beat Jason Rogers (USA) 15-11, after an 8-7 partial.

In the semifinals, Pastore recovered with a 0-4 against Limbach (5-5 first then 7-7), but eventually he lost 9-15. Aldo Montano on the other hand beat Zhong Man 15-13 in the Olympic champions duel.

Montano wa undefeated in the final also. Against the current world champion, Nicolas Limbach, Aldo was ahead from start to finish. The last point at 15-10 was few minutes past midnight, local time.