Japanese Olympic Fencer on Japanese “Fencing Game Show” (This is a MUST WATCH!)

Link To Play:(Imbed Not working)

This video is HILLARIOUS! (Great find by ChubbyHubby on fencing.net!)

2008 Olympic Silver Medalist in Foil Ota of Japan is on a Japanese Game show which seems to be based around fencing! Yeah!  I love it!

The Japanese announcers are awesome (even though I have no idea what they are saying) and they are playing music similar to “Who Wants to Be a Millionare” when each point begins.

I think he is fencing other athletes and celebrities…

Thanks to Farrah for the explanation!!! (Below)
The gist is that famous athletes from other sports (e.g. basketball, boxing, etc) get 2 tries to get a touch on Ota before the next athlete. As Ota keeps winning, they keep diminishing the amount of strip he is allowed to use, so at the end he pretty much has to fence standing still.