A Song Dedicated to All the Traveling Athletes Who Can Relate: Jet Lag by Simple Plan #Olympians #London2012

Ha, this song makes me think a fencer on the road wrote it!

Although I think anyone who travels around the globe can relate…

My favorite lines:

I don’t even want to be in this town…

You say good morning, but its midnight….

My Heart heart heart heart is so JET LAGGED!

Well done Simple Plan! Touche!

Amazing Race, Jet Lag and Tunis Pictures

Team USA in Tunis
Team USA in Tunis

Ahhh, recovering from jet lag is always a fun process.  I’m not usually someone who rises at 4am in the morning!

It’s been 2 weeks since we applied for the Amazing Race and still no word…

That might be a bad sign.  If we are going to hear it will definitely be soon because the interview dates they gave start this Friday and run for a week.

Fingers are still crossed for an interview!

The Schwarma!
The Schwarma!