Fencing Band of The Week: Thursday (That’s the band name) Lady Gaga Next?

Ok, the name of the band is “Thursday”.  It’s a bit confusing.  It took me a minute to realize that “Thursday” was the name of the band and not when it was playing.

The lead singer in a recent show donned a fencing mask and foil during a performance.   No idea why, but this earns the band “Thursday”  my very first “fencing band of the week” award. 


Fencing continues to take over…Now if only we could get Lady Gaga to wear a fencing outfit…Seems like it might fit with her style, no?

You can support this band at: www.thursday.net or check out their show dates below or on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frtjaKi6NH0

Night Out with Tim, Jason, D Lo and Jourdan: Justin Tranter and Semi-Precious Weapons Perform and Launch a New Jewelry Line!


Following the filming of my “Olympic Journey” presentation I headed to our friend Justin Tranter’s concert at the Rock and Roll hall of fame Annex in NYC to hear him and his band semi-precious weapons perform.  

The concert was celebrating launch of Justin’s Vamp Collection by Fetty (to be sold at Barney’s and Barney’s CO-OP) 

They really rocked and the sold-out crowd was extremely excited for the performance.  Semi-Precious weapons has really been a growing entity over the past year and I wish Justin and the band continued success.  They’ll be opening for Lady Ga Ga in May here in NYC!


I attended with friends Danica Lo (who told us about the event and got us in! Thanks D LO!), Jourdan Lawler and my teammate Jason Rogers.