Fencing is a Sexy Sport: Polish Olympic Fencer Sylwia Gruchala for K•Swiss!!

I don’t know how I missed this…

From the K-Swiss Website:
Sylwia Gruchala is the new female face of K•Swiss. The strikingly beautiful fencing champion from Poland has recently aligned herself with the major sports brand, and is featured in various K•Swiss advertising campaigns around the globe. http://www.k-swiss.com.au/ks_news_sylwia.php

So far we’ve got Margherita Granbassi (ITA) in Nike ads (which ran in NYC btw), Aldo Montano in body wash and fashion advertisements and Sylwia Gruchala with K•Swiss. Go Fencing!

Now, all we need is a US athlete to partner with a big brand for an advertising campaign!!!

Italian Fencers Quoted in US Fashion Magazine WWD

Italian Olympic Fencing Champion Valentina Vezzali (pictured above) walking in a fashion show in Milan are mentioned in this months WWD Collections magazine along with Diego Occhiuzzi, Aldo Montano and Margherita Granbassi.


On page 31 of the Spring ’09 Edition it reads:
Fencer Valentina Vezzali was flanked by two of her peers, Diego Occhiuzzi and Aldo Montano, who believes there’s more of a connection between fencing and fashion than meets the eye.  “Fencing is synonymous with elegance, from the atire to the chivarly and posture,” said the Bronze Medalist.


Vezzali and Italian Silver Medalist in Fencing, Margherita Granbassi, were also invited by Laura Biagiotti, who front row is regularly graced by athletes.

I love the quote by Montano and a great job by the Italian Fencing Team.  They seem to be the most active country in terms of promoting the sport. 

The mention was part of an article on Olympians being involved in fashion and it talks about Lebron James, Amanda Beard, Nastia Liukin, Alicia Sacramone, Ryan Lochte and others attending Fashion Week in NYC. 

Jason Rogers attends Fashion Week in NYC with CK model Garret Neff
Jason Rogers attends Fashion Week in NYC with CK model Garret Neff

US Olympic Fencer Jason Rogers also attended that fashion week dressed by Calvin Klein.

Fencing really is out there a lot more than people realize and references to fencing appear constantly in ads and on television.   All we really need to do is start connecting the dots!

I also think branding today’s fencers as the “Modern day Knights” with the ideas of chivalry, dueling and honor behind it would be very catchy.