Victory in Cincinnati!

Good way to start the new season…Gold medal!

With 11 days until we leave for World Championships in Paris, we competed in Cincinnati, Ohio at the first North American Cup of the 2010-2011 season,

It was a strong day for the National Team, (James Williams, Daryl Homer, James Williams, Tim Morehouse) as the four of us all advanced to the top-4 before duking it out.

The top 8:
1 Tim Morehouse
2 James Williams
3 Daryl Homer/Ben Igoe
5 Avery Zuck
6 Jeff Spear
7 Rhys Douglas
8 Max Sterns

I felt very good about my fencing, posting some strong victories against very good opponents.  I had tough opponents in almost every round (Prochniak in 32, Ochocki in 16, Zuck in 8, Igoe in 4 and Williams in the gold) so it made the victory that much more satisfying.

Already back home in NYC, we have about a week to practice and then we’re off to Paris!

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to me!

The Finalists in Men's Saber

Cincinnati, Ohio —