If You’re a Fencer, You May Have a Dog Named after you in Spain

Mariel Zagunis has a saber blade named after her so it is not surprising that there is now a dog named after her as well!   She amongst other fencers including Olympians Montano, Tarantino, Sanzo, Pina and Tan each have one of these magnificent dogs bearing their names in Spain.  The dogs are Canary Island Mastiffs.

The dogs are bred by a fencing referee who in an ode to the sport he loves has named many of his animals after fencers!  You can check out his website www.fencingdogs.com and if you’re a fencer you too may have one named after you!  He also breeds some beautiful Pugs.

No Morehouse one that I could find, but I can always dream!

This is Tarantino...Apparently he and the Montano dog didn't get along and had to be separated! Tarantino (the dog that is) now resides in Atlanta, GA!

You can check out a few more pictures of the dogs here:

New York World Cup of Fencing: Morehouse and Homer Lead Team USA with Top-8 Results. Montano Wins Again.

New York — Aldo Montano (ITA) notched his 2nd world cup victory in a row defeating Won (KOR) in the semi-finals and then Apithy (FRA) in the finals.   For team USA, Tim Morehouse finished 6th and Daryl Homer 8th (his first finals) to lead team usa in the men’s saber event.  In the round of 64 team USA had some hard luck with Ben Igoe losing a close match 15-14 to Gu (KOR), Etropolski falling 15-13 to Pastore (FRA) and Nydham falling 15-14 to Murolo (ITA).   Dan Bak and Jeff Spear also fell in the round of 64.

The Brooklyn Bridge+Marriot Hotel+Olympic Fencers= The World Cup of Fencing in New York!

Breaking News

The location of the New York World Cup of Fencing will be Brooklyn!   

The new Marriot Hotel located right over the Brooklyn Bridge will play host to the competition which will feature Olympians from around the around the world vying for the Gold!

2004 Olympic Men’s Champion Aldo Montano of Italy, 2008 Olympic Men’s Champion Zhong of China and two-time Olympic champion from the USA Mariel Zagunis are just some of the big names expected to compete.  

Fencing in New York has never been hotter….clubs and school programs opening around the city, a successful fencing program in Bryant Park and a plethora of 2012 Olympic hopeful athletes living and training right here in the city!  It’s also one of the few Olympic sports with significant numbers of athletes training here in NYC!

With two of fencing’s strongest marketers, Peter Westbrook and some random fencing guy with a blog in NYC, a USOC marketing office excited to promote sports like fencing, 35+ public school city fencing programs, numerous private schools and clubs with fencing, nearly a dozen plus fencing Olympians who call the city home, enthusiastic ethnic groups who’d die to see a home-town olympic heroes competing, tons of celebrities who’ve fenced and would come out to premiere event like thius, and numerous businesses to impress this could be a very special tournament for US fencing…if its done right.

If this is any indicator, on May 13th I’m helping to host a charity event featuring fencing photography and 100+ people are paying $150 dollars with a couple of corporate sponsors kicking in money as well.  That’s just for photography!   I’m sure 1000+ people in NYC would pay $20 bucks to see the worlds best fencers and enjoy an evening with the sport, words from past Olympians, and a little showmanship thorwn it…

The Italian community in NY would turn out in droves to watch Montano, so would the Chinese of Olympic Champion Zhong!   We just need to run the tournament with the understanding of just how much value fencing has and create a great experience for people and let them know it’s happening!

So, with this critical media/sponsor perfect event only 2 months away…

1) who is in charge of promotion, PR and ticket sales?  

2) Where is the website to send people to buy tickets and to get information?

3)  What stories are we pitching and are we doing targeted outreach to ethnic newspapers and other outlets?

4) What events are we doing as a lead up to drive promotion and attendance?
Fencing Week in NYC” has a nice ring to it.

I’d like to help and so would many other people.  I could sell 100 tickets at $20 bucks for a finals easy.

Fencing Video of The Day: Wicked Counter-Parry by Nazlymov (USSR) Vs. Montano (ITA) in Gold Medal Team Match at 1976 Montreal Olympics

Vladamir Nazlymov (USSR) on the left takes a counter-parry against Montano (ITA) on right during the Gold medal team match of the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada.

Historical Notes:
* Nazlymov won the Bronze medal in the individual at that Olympics and the USSR would capture team gold.  

* The USSR swept the individual medals at that Olympics.  

* The fencing was non-electric and you could flech (aka cross your feet)