Gold in Dallas!

Pretty grueling day!

Div I Men’s saber had 162 competitors.  That has got to the largest NAC for saber in USA history.    Most of the top colleges sent full teams, all the cadets and Jrs. and Canada also brought a lot of their top fencers.   I can’t remember ever fencing a match in the 128 until today!

The Top-8:

1. Tim Morehouse
2. Luther Clement
3. Max Stearns/Adrian Bak
5. Daryl Homer
6. Barron Nydham
7. Peter Souders
8. Sean Buckley

I feel very fortunate to have pulled out a victory with so many strong fencers. We head to Bulgaria in less than 2-weeks now for the start of the world cup season!

Also of note, James Williams had to withdraw because of a really awful stomach virus, Ben Igoe fell in the 64 to Mike Mills.