Daryl Homer Wins NCAA Championship in men’s Saber!

Daryl Homer took home his 2nd straight NCAA Fencing Championship defeating Avery Zuck in a dramatic 15-14 win.  The two had faced off last year as well with Daryl winning.   Evan Prochniak and Oleg Ochocki finished 3rd.

Live Streaming: http://www.ncaa.com/live/2011-03-25/nc-fencing

Full Results: http://www.prisedefer.com/NCAA


We all know about NCAA March Madness Basketball, but did you know that there is also March Fencing Madness? (Follow Live: www.twitter.com/cf360updates)

The road to the NCAA Fencing Championships at Harvard University heats up this weekend with the Regionals Championships!

College teams around the country are converging to 4 locations for regional competitions to qualify for the 24 spots in foil, epee and saber in the men and women’s events.   Only 72 Men and 72 women will qualify from amongst the thousands of NCAA fencers.

Live Results from Northeast Region:
Location: Brown University
Schools: Brown, Harvard, Yale, Brandeis, BC, MIT, Columbia, NYU and Yeshiva, Turfts

Results from Midwest
Location: Northwestern University
Schools: Northwestern, Ohio State, Lawrence, Detroit, Wayne State, and Cleveland State. Notre Dame, Cleveland State, Detriot
Notre Dame: http://www.und.com/sports/c-fenc/spec-rel/031110aab.html

Results West:
Location: University of California
Schools: Stanford, UCSD, CSUF, Cal Tech, Air Force

Results Mid-Atlantic/South:
Drew University
Schools: Penn State, UPenn, Temple, Duke, UNC,

NCAA Championship, which will be hosted by Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. on March 25-28.  You can fill out your NCAA Fencing Bracket here as well once the fencers are determined!

** Help me fill in the blanks!  It took me awhile to find this information.  If you have results from today’s regionals or links and pictures from them, please let me know!  (Thanks Laura!) Thanks! -Tim

March Madness…Fencing Style!

March Madness is not confined to Basketball…

The NCAA Fencing Championships are taking place right now at Penn State. I hope you filled out your fencing backet in time!

For live updates of the action, just click on this link: http://www.prisedefer.com/NCAA2009.html

Go Brandeis Fencers and my clubmates Daria Schneider, Dagmara Wozniak, Daryl Homer and Alejandro Rojas!!!!