Fencing Masters Roadshow in Pictures! (PART 1)

Last night marked the unveiling of the FENCING MASTERS ROADSHOW!

Held at the Baryshnikov Arts Center before a crowd of 200 people the event featured fencing matches between Olympians Nicole Ross and Nzhingha Prescod and Daryl Homer versus Tim Morehouse.   The choir from Democracy Prep sang the national anthem, we premiered the Fencing in the Schools promo video we made with the prestigious Sunshine Sachs company and also had our “How to Watch Fencing” demonstration.

The event was part of the Fencing in the Schools Kick-Off and helped to generate $37,000 dollars to help fund 1500+ kids at 6 schools in Harlem to have fencing!  Thank you to everyone who donated and there is still time if you’d like to contribute: http://www.crowdrise.com/fencingintheschools2013

Here is what we accomplished last night with your help:

  • FUNDRAISING: We raised over $37,000 dollars to get 1500+ kids fencing in Harlem including an Olympic assembly for all the kids where we will pay our Olympian ambassadors $500 for doing the assembly to also support their Olympic Dreams.   These kids will also become fans of our sport and athletes through our program and hopefully follow Daryl Homer, Nzhingha Prescod, Nicole Ross and others to Rio.
  • EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS: We created a promo video for the foundation that goes into the benefits of fencing and with a CALL TO ACTION for schools if they want fencing to come to us!Here is Link: http://youtu.be/0mrqG50qZlg
  • FENCING ON TV: The fencing match last night will air on Universal Sports in 3 weeks.    The network reaches 40 Million homes across the country and they paid for the TV production.   This will continue to give us a great platform to bring additional corporate sponsors onboard.
  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIP WITH KEY CONSTITUENTS: Last night, we had the CEO of Universal Sports and their board attending, representatives from Sabra Hummus along with a few potential additional corporate sponsors.
  • MEDIA: We were featured on WPIX 11 morning show, FOX 5 NYC did a profile, the Daily News has a piece coming out, Maxim.Com attended and is doing a video, the US Olympic Committee put out a press release, is doing an article AND tweeted to their 250,000+ followers about the event and the images will be on WIRE IMAGE where they can be picked up by additional media outlets.  We were also covered by a website called GUESTofaGuest.
  • FENCING TECHNOLOGY: We continue to try to find new and fun ways to show fencing.  We built 2 huge REPEATER LIGHTS that we can use in all our shows.  The large FENCING sign you see and there is a MASTERS on the other side both LIGHT UP and serve as scoring lights for some added WOW factor.

US Olympic Medalist Fencers coming to the University of Richmond to Promote Fencing and Lead Clinic!

Susie Scanlan U.S. Olympian Susie Scanlan visits the USA House at the Royal College of Art on August 10, 2012 in London, England.
2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Susie Scanlan
2008 Olympic Silver Medalist and Author of American Fencer Tim Morehouse

Want fencing tips from some of the best fencers in the world? Check out some Olympic Medals? Get some inspiration?

Join 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Susie Scanlan, 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse along with Olympians Nicole Ross and Dagmara Wozniak as they lead a 3-weapon clinic in Virginia on Saturday Sept 15!!!   The four Olympians will be promoting the sport of fencing in Virginia including a clinic from 1-4pm at the University of Richmond sponsored by Salle Green and and Coach Walter G. Green III, Ph.D. Maitre d’Armes AAI.

Tim Morehouse, author of American Fencer: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Sport (www.americanfencer.com) will also be signing copies of his book.

Sign up here:

Zorro of the Upper West Side: A Profile of NYC Fencer Nicole Ross!


By Daniel Woolfolk
Swordfighting isn’t a sport that’s generally associated with the Upper West Side, at least not since the gritty days of West Side Story. But one Upper West Sider has shown quite a knack for it, so much so that she could be representing the United States in fencing at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Read The Rest: http://westsideindependent.com/2010/06/04/the-fierce-young-zorro-of-the-upper-west-side/

Special thanks to friend of the blog Steven Haber for pointing this article out to me!

Ambika Singh Team USA Women’s Foil Update from St. Petersburg…

From Ambika Singh:

Hi from St. Petersburg!

We expected it to be much colder but its sunny and 80 degrees! Anyway, we have 7 fencers in the St.Petersburg Grand Prix who are me (Ambika Singh), Luona Wang, Nicole Ross, Kylei McGill, Doris Willette, Margaret Lu, and Eve Levin. Lu, Singh, Willette, Ross, and Wang make it to the next day to the round of 64. Will update you on results tomorrow.

US men’s foil arrive the 23rd which is the day we fence teams.  Lets go USA!

Thanks Ambika! Good luck to everyone!

Women’s Foil Fencing Team Competing in Gdanks, Poland

The road to the Paris World Championships for women’s foil continues this weekend in Gdansk, Poland.

Ambika Singh, Lee Kiefer, Nzgingha Prescord, Doris Willette, Nicole Ross, Margeret Lu and Maddie Zeiss are competing in Gdansk, Poland this weekend.

Catch all the updates here and on twitter at: www.twitter.com/timmorehouse

Ambika will be sending me updates and I’ll be posting.  Good luck girls!

The girls will be staying in Poland and afterwards and then heading onto Turino, Italy for another competition.

Here’s how the race looks right now for the National Team: (Top 4 Qualify)

1 (2988.75 points) Prescod, Nzihgha

2(1827 points) Singh, Ambika

3 (1695 points) Kiefer, Lee

4 (1435 points) Lu, Margaret L.C.

5 (1395 points) Ross, Nicole

6 (1375 points) # Shaito, Mona

7 (1210 points) # Kiefer, Alexandra

8 (1200 points) Willette, Doris

Nzinga Prescod Takes Gold at Pan Ams!

On day 2, Nzinga Prescod and women’s foil took over where men’s saber and women’s epee left off…winning gold and taking medals.   Nzinga Prescod finished first as teammats Nicole Ross and Ambika Singh both tied for Bronze.

After two days at Pan Ams, team USA has won 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 4 Bronze medals to lead all nations.

Pan Ams Day 2: Team USA Doing Work in El Salvador

Pan Ams Day 2 009

Jon Normile and Seth Kelsey sharing a moment after their pools are completed on day 2 as Cody Mattern watches the floor.    Check out my twitter for the results: www.twitter.com/timmorehouse

I have internet access at the venue so I’ll be posting live updates.  Women’s foil is set to begin shortly.   Women’s Saber and Men’s Foil are tomorrow. 

Pan Ams Day 2 014
Nicole Ross and Ambika Singh warming up at Pan Ams

Nicole Ross, Ambika Singh and Nzinga Prescodare competing in foil today.  The race for the world team is still on for them.   Nationals and Zonals are counting equally for US points.  Only 3 women’s foil fencers are here, there could have been a 4th, but the rest opted to go to US Nationals.