Calvin Klein Collection and Visionaire Present Visionaire 56: SOLAR

Italy WC 053

After we arrived from Italy I headed home changed clothes and immediately headed out to an event hosted by Calvin Klein with Jason. (Yes, this post is a little late…jet lag!)

I don’t remember too much from the event other than I was trying to sound coherent while talking to people!   It was also a “white party” which meant searching through my closet for a white outfit.   Never an easy task! 

Oh yeah,  funniest part was watching these trays of cupcakes being carried by waiters all night since all the fashion and model types were ignoring them!  I was afraid to go near them myself…don’t want to be the one guy eating the cupcakes at the model party!

Italy WC 051

Tyra Banks, Olivia Palermo, Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, Josh Reed, Danica Lo, Chloe Sevigny and a boatload of models were in attendance! (Amongst many many others!)

Adrien Brody’s Father was a Fencing Instructor!!! (Oh yes, he’s also got a great New Film The Brothers Bloom with Rachel Weisz)

Adrien Brody 030

The Soho Grand Hotel Penthouse was the location of the movie premier and after-party for Rachel Weisz and Adrien Brody’s new film The Brothers Bloom.

Jason Rogers and I attended after a full day which included speaking to some great kids at the High School of Arts and Tech in the morning, working out and attending our broadcasting class! (Whew)

I kid you not that every time we go out we run into someone with a strong fencing connection! (We are out there!) Adrien Brody’s father was actually a fencing instructor and he learned to fence at Hunter College!

The story gets better….he actually met his wife while he was teaching fencing at a summer camp and she was a counselor!  (she obviously fell for the suaveness of fencer!)

We had a great chat with Adrien and his parents and wish him the best of luck with his new film and nothing but the best to his family. Great people!

The star studded movie premier and after-party was hosted by the Cinema Society.  Russell Simmons, Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, Patrick McMullan, Law and Order Star Tamara Tunie, Olivia Palermo and many others were in attendance.

Alright, big day of practice tomorrow and also doing a magazine shoot in Brooklyn with Nate Robinson of the NY Knicks for NV magazine!

Tim and Jason Do the Movie Screening of “The Mysteries of Pittsburg” with Sienna Miller and Peter Sarsgaard


I’m scratching off purposefully wearing a suit to a movie right now from my list of things I’d never thought I’d do…


Jason on the other hand, is adding to his list of eloquent conversations….


All he could muster was, “I think that’s chicken” when Russell Simmons started a conversation with him in the buffet line of the after-party…very nice Jason. J


Our evening began at the Sunrise Cinema on Houston Street as guests of Andrew Saffir the Founder of the Cinema Society for the screening of the movie The Mysteries of Pittsburg. (Thanks for having us Andrew!)


Have you ever been in a movie theater when people clap at the end of a movie?


I have a friend who likes to shout when this happens that, “The actors aren’t here! Why are you clapping?!?!” 


Well, last night when The Mysteries of Pittsburg ended and the crowd clapped I wish my friend had been there because the actors were there! 


Sienna Miller, Peter Sarsgaard and Director Rawson Marshall Thurber were all in attendance along with a packed house of celebs and models including Russell Simmons, Julie Henderson, Anna Wintour (the editor of Vogue the women devil wears prada is based on),  Olivia Palermo from the City, super model Marcus Schenkenberg and many others to check out the movie. 


Very surreal and exciting night for the two of us to walk the red carpet of a movie screening.   We had a lot of fun…

Jason and I at the Movie Screen while Rosanno Scotto ducks in the left hand corner!
Jason and I at the Movie Screen while Rosanno Scotto ducks in the left hand corner!


We got to sit next to two of our favorite TV personalities, Rosanno Scotto of Fox News and Jill Martin broadcaster for the MSG Network.(both are super nice!)  We also got the chance to chat briefly with Sienna Miller and Peter Sarsgaard, (who by the way…is not a fencer, but knows one! haha) 


The movie  is set in Pittsburgh in the early eighties, the story chronicles the last true summer of Art Bechstein’s (JON FOSTER) youth. Stuck in a dead-end job working for his eccentric sometime girlfriend Phlox (MENA SUVARI), and forced into an endless series of airless dinners with his mobster father (NICK NOLTE), Art begins to believe that perhaps he doesn’t even exist at all. (Read More)


Jason and I give it two enthusiastic fencing swords up!

After the screening, we headed to the after-party the Cooper Square hotel where we met up with our friend Dennis Sneden and spent a few hours chowing down and making some new friends before we headed home around 11pm to get ready for another long day of practice!

Charity Water Ball Hosted by Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier with Tim and Jason at the Charity Ball
Adrian Grenier with Tim and Jason at the Charity Ball
Adrian Grenier hosted the third annual Charity Water gala at the Metropolitan Pavilion, and along with 2500 guests we got to view the amazing photographs of founder Scott Harrison’s journeys to Africa to help impoverished villages receive clean water.

Though the non-profit organization, Charity Water, is only three years old, I don’t think you could find a person in city who would say they haven’t made a splash in the New York charity circuit while also aiding thousands of people with over 1000 water projects in 13 developing nations including Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Rwanda.

As Adrian guided the program, our friend Richie Rich drank his “bubbles” and brought his usual cheer, “The Hills” actors Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo scmoozed as cameras for their new show “The City” tagged along, model Camilla Barungi educated others about the benefits of the African Moringa supplement, designer Keith Lissner mingled with other fashion forwards, and our favorite crew of Scott, Naeem, Liam McMullan and Lydia Hearst surveyed the scene.

Following the tradition from last year’s gala, a runway was set up where brave souls carried 80 pounds of water in gas tanks from one end to the other to symbolize how the people in places such as Ethiopia must carry dirty water (to drink) in these empty gas containers.  We carried a few jugs ourselves with each jug generating $40 dollars in donations from a corporate sponsor (they were heavy even for Olympians!).

Highlights of the night included commiserating with musician Amos Lee (who performed at the gala) about life on the road, listening to Charity Water’s founder Scott Harrison’s tell about his incredible journey from a New York scene promoter to philanthropist as he thanked the gathered crowd, and chatting with the very nice Adrian Grenier about the Olympics and Charity Water.

Lastly, we would be remiss if we failed to mention that we are looking forward to more fun at the Guest of a Guest Holiday party tonight!

The Hills actors Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo
Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo from MTV's "The City"