Cool Fencing Video of the Day: President Obama “I Always Wanted to Fence. I thought that would be Cool”

Always good to have an endorsement by the leader of the free world!

The video is from the Chicago 2016 Olympic event at the White House in 2010.

Fencing in the Schools is launching programs with 1500+ students in 6 Harlem schools and we want to help make fencing a regular part of Physical Education in America to help kids lead healthier lives, to instill Olympic ideals and improve educational opportunities.

If you’d like to support us:

Photo Shoot for New Sponsor and Other Projects at Studio 3rd Ward…

Down at Studio 3rd Ward this week I had a day taking pictures for some new projects.   Photographer Chiun-Kai Shih (who shoots for Vogue amongst other things) did a fantastic job and was a pleasure to work with as always!

I think the pictures will be great!    This is a little preview from his IPhone!  Can’t wait to unveil my new sponsor officially! (some of you I’ve told already!)

Check out some of the other outtakes:

Olympian Tim Morehouse on Bloomberg Television Talking Sports Sponsorships for Fencing

Here is the video from my recent appearance on Bloomberg television’s InBusiness With Margaret Brennan.(Her younger brother is a fencer!)

I’m still pushing for that sponsor to join fencing! 🙂

Antiques and Chef’s From Hell: A night out with Tim and Jason

It was a great evening at the Young Collectors’ Night, Winter Antique Show to Benefit the East Side House Settlement.  The event was held at the Park Avenue Armory–a gorgeous facility and I’m sure it’s the nicest looking armory around! (figures for Park Ave, right?)    We attended as guests of Scott Buccheit, who bid up a storm during the silent auction and managed to bring home several great items! (Go Scott!)

Courtney, her art collection and the slice of pizza that brought us together
Courtney, her art collection and the slice of pizza that brought us together


Guest of a Guester Ariel Moses was also in attendance along with several hundred well-dressed guests.   The quote of the night: “everyone looks great, but it’s all stuff from the closet because no one is buying any new clothes!” (Definitely true for us!)

Friend Scott Buccheit
Friend Scott Buccheit

The event featured some amazing collections, with 75 exhibitions from  specialists in American Antiques and works of art.  Everything from Shaker folk art, to Colonial art and aesthetic movement pieces.  We especially enjoyed the George Washington on display in Courtney’s booth, although truth be told our hunger and the slice of pizza she was eating was the initial draw.  It turned out to be a win-win situation since we both discovered the location of pizza  and got to check out her amazing paintings!

Park Ave Armory
Park Ave Armory

From there Jason and I headed to the Hell’s Kitchen Premier Party at Hudson Terrace while Scott went home to drop off his winnings.  As we got out of our cab we immediately ran into our friend–the positive celeb blogging phenom Micah Jesse. (we hadn’t seen him since the Michael Phelps “hosted” bowling event at Bowlmore in September…we missed him!)   

On the red carpet with our friend Micah
On the red carpet with our friend Micah

It was a fun party– we did a little red carpet walking with Micah and met one of the contestants on the show, Seth Levine, who, quite dramatically, was nearly eliminated on the premier episode!  (luckily he survived to next week or that would have been one big party downer!)   Keith Richard’s daughters Theodora and Alexandra dee-jayed, while Seth’s sister, designer Alisha Levine, and many other of his family members partied along with actress Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill and the movie John Tucker Must Die fame. (one of Jason’s favorites)  They seemed very excited to meet us as well, and hopefully we will have them fencing in the near future! 

Sophia Bush from the show One Tree Hill and the movie John Tucker Must Die along with Hell's Kitchen contestent Seth Levine and designer Alisha Levine
Sophia Bush from the show One Tree Hill and the movie John Tucker Must Die along with Hell's Kitchen contestent Seth Levine and designer Alisha Levine

I’m also thinking Jason and I should start dee-jaying soon…it seems to be the new hot trend!  Although my ipod filled with 80s ballads, indigo girls and the Dixie Chicks might not get the party going too well!

Cross-Training Videos with Olympian Tim Morehouse and Personal Trainer Kelly Shaver

Jason Rogers and I have been doing a lot of speaking appearances and attending a lot of events the past few months, but we have also begun training and I wanted to share with you a little bit about my training regiment.

My post-Olympic training includes 3 days a week of strength and conditioning with my trainer Kelly Shaver, 2 days a week of proactive physical thereapy, to improve my flexibility and deal with early injury symptoms, and I’m fencing 2 days a week.   As the season and Olympic quadrenial go on I will add more fencing days, but right now I’m trying to get my body ready for the next four years.

The videos I have uploaded are a few examples of the cycles of exercises that I do each session to help my strength, balance, explosivness and endurance.    I’ve noticed a big improvment in my fencing footwork and ability to move since I’ve been doing these work outs even though I’m only fencing a few days a week right now. (Read my disclaimer below)

More Videos: (Final Training Sequence) (Hip Flexor Stretches)

Disclaimer: I’m not saying this is what you should do to improve your fencing, or that it’s the best work out– this is training that is great for me and might be beneficial to you and I wanted to share it with you. (I’ve also been building up to many of these exercises) I’m not the perfect model of them either!  Would love to hear your thoughts/comments.