Fencing is a Sexy Sport: Polish Olympic Fencer Sylwia Gruchala for K•Swiss!!

I don’t know how I missed this…

From the K-Swiss Website:
Sylwia Gruchala is the new female face of K•Swiss. The strikingly beautiful fencing champion from Poland has recently aligned herself with the major sports brand, and is featured in various K•Swiss advertising campaigns around the globe. http://www.k-swiss.com.au/ks_news_sylwia.php

So far we’ve got Margherita Granbassi (ITA) in Nike ads (which ran in NYC btw), Aldo Montano in body wash and fashion advertisements and Sylwia Gruchala with K•Swiss. Go Fencing!

Now, all we need is a US athlete to partner with a big brand for an advertising campaign!!!

Top 10 Fencing Athlete Websites!

Is Polish fencer Sylwia Gruchala's Website #1?

Ok readers, what are the top 10 fencing athlete websites?


After extensive research (About 15 minutes) I’ve compiled a list of 5 websites to start off the competition!


Consider this post a work in progress and a cry request for help!


I was thinking that there must be a bunch of other great athlete pages out there and when I have a bunch I’ll set up a poll so we can have a fair vote. (For now Sylwia Gruchala gets the early nod)


Top-10 Fencing Athlete Websites

#1)Sylwia Gruchala http://sylwiagruchala.w.interia.pl/

– Polish Olympian Sylwia Gruchala is a model and “famous” face of our sport in Poland 


#2 Mark Perros http://www.markperos.blogspot.com/

–  Keeps a nice blog with pictures.  There he is in Tunis…



#3 Jason Rogers www.Jasonrogersusa.com

 – I actually love this websites design best of all.  Great design, pictures, videos etc.


#4 Tim Morehouse www.timmorehouse.com  (sorry for shameless plug!)

– My site is focused on promoting the speaking career I’m trying to buid right now

Mine was designed by Ictus Initiative paige@ictusinitiative.com


#5 Monika Sozansk http://www.monika-sozanska.de/

German Epee fencer. Pretty solid website. Nice photographs.


#6 Britta Heidmann http://www.britta-heidemann.de/

– German Epee Fencer and solid website. 

#7 Joe Littler http://www.fencing.joelittler.co.uk/

– Young British Fencer