Will be on the TODAY SHOW @todayshow on Tuesday!

Tuesday morning I’ll be on the today Show Show.   We’ll be talking Olympic preparations, Fencing Masters and my book American Fencer. (www.americanfencer.com)

Hope it will help get even more folks to come out and watch us compete at the Fencing Masters on June 26 at Hammerstein Ballroom! Got your tickets yet?  www.fencingmastersnyc.com/tickets

But, I’ll be teaching someone even more special to fence tomorrow evening…

hint: bigger than when I taught President Obama to fence! (I think!)

Apolo Ohno Helps Announce New US Olympic Partnership with BMW

8-Time Olympic Speed-skating Medalist Apolo Ohno (After a great visit to the Today Show) along with other members of the US Olympic Family were on-hand at the BMW dealership on 57th and 11th street in NYC for the big announcement that BMW has re-joined the Olympic Movement as a sponsor of Team USA!

BMW will be sponsoring the USOC directly as well as four sports: Speedskating, Bobsled/Skeleton, Swimming and Track and Field.

What is most interesting about this partnership is that they plan to not only provide funds, but also be a resource for improving the technology of our athlete’s equipment to help them go faster!

So, what has Ohno been doing since the Olympics? He’s got a book coming out in October (I will definitely check that out) and he’s currently trying to build a career in TV.  (Best of Luck Apolo! You’re a true Olympic hero!)

Tonight, I’ll be joining teammates Keeth Smart, Erinn Smart, Susie Paxton for an event with the British Consulate to celebrate the two-year countdown to the London Olympics!!!

Olympic News of The Day: XBox Stolen from Olympian!


It’s been pretty much one great thing after another for Steven Holcomb since winning the bobsled gold at the Vancouver Olympics. Well, at least until this week.

Holcomb, who is a big-time computer nerd and video gamer, discovered that his prized Xbox 360 and games had been stolen out of his car. And while the $4,000 worth of gear and games has him a little queasy, what really makes him sick are the hundreds of hours of saved games that he had on the console.
(Full Article: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-20002612-56.html)

In other Holcomb News…

Shelter Dog Reunited with Olympian

While he was visiting the Today show after the Olympics on March 5, he fell head over heels in love with a dog. During the weekly rescue segment, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever caught Holcomb’s eye. At the end of the show, the show announced Holcomb had offered to adopt the dog.
(Full Article: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/pawprintpost/post/2010/03/shelter-dog-is-reunited-with-olympian-holcomb/1)

The Olympic Apparel unveiled on the Today Show!


I have to say that the new Olympic apparel looks awesome! (And, I’m jealous!)

The Winter Athletes were just interviewed live on the Today Show sporting there Ralph Lauren open/closing ceremonies outfits and the Nike Podium clothing. Very cool stuff!

Lisa Baird from the new USOC Marketing office in NYC was interviewed while the athletes modeled.



Sho (above) gets styled by Preston from Ralph Lauren.

New York City Celebrates The Vancouver Olympic Countdown!





USA Olympic Gold Medalist Jim Craig from the legendary 1980 Hockey Team wears the Russian Jersey after exchanging it with his former rival in a ceremony meant to highlight the spirit of sportsmanship associated with the Olympics Games.


Hockey Legends (Current and Former) David Backes, Mike Cleary and Mike Eruzione

My Favorite Beijing Picture Taken During our Today Show Visit

Pictures 007

This was taken the day after we won our medal when we appeared on the Today Show in Beijing.   

The Anniversary of our medal winning just passed on August 18th.  I can’t believe it’s been a year already…we now have 35 days until we leave for World Championships in Turkey!

On another note, I really could use some sun! 🙂

Fencing on the Today Show

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It’s always great when fencing is covered on television, but this segment gets low marks from me!

The Today Show had fencing coach Boris Khurgin from the Manhattan Fencing Center along with Olympic Team members Dagmara Wozniak and James Williams.

The hosts Kathy Lee Gifford and another women chatted with Coach Boris, made a few jokes, complained about the mask and then made a few head cuts. Not exactly a piece that will excite people to go out and try our sport!

The Olympians weren’t even on-camera until the last second and they were wearing their masks! Uggh.

Kathy Lee did apologize…they should really have them on again to show what fencing is all about in a better way than that!