Amazing Race, Jet Lag and Tunis Pictures

Team USA in Tunis
Team USA in Tunis

Ahhh, recovering from jet lag is always a fun process.  I’m not usually someone who rises at 4am in the morning!

It’s been 2 weeks since we applied for the Amazing Race and still no word…

That might be a bad sign.  If we are going to hear it will definitely be soon because the interview dates they gave start this Friday and run for a week.

Fingers are still crossed for an interview!

The Schwarma!
The Schwarma!

Williams and Igoe Undefeated in Pools for Team USA on Day 1

Tunis, Tunisia- In a relatively small field of 77, all of the 8 Americans competing in the Tunis world cup advanced to day 2 and the bracket of 64. 

James Williams went 6-0 and came out of the pools 1st, and Ben Igoe also went 6-0 and finished in 2nd to pace the Americans on day 1.  Jason Rogers went 4-2 and Mike Etropolski went 4-1 and Konate Primus, Luther Clement and Eric Arzoian each went 2-3.   I had a bye and am ranked 13th in the tournament overall.

Tomorrow’s USA bouts in top-64:
Ben Igoe vs Mark Peros CAN
Tim Morehouse vs. Luther Clement
Jason Rogers Vs. Dulceanu ROM
James Williams Vs. Moreno SPN
Erik Arzoian Vs. Diego Ochiuzzi ITA
Konate Primus Vs. Sanson FRA

Interesting Notes:
For the first time, there are Iraqi Saber Fencers competing in a world cup
* Brad Baker made a solid debut as a USA referee at a saber world cup

Men’s Saber Heading to Africa for Competition!

We’re headed to Tunis, Tunisia this weekend for a competition. 

Ben Igoe, Jason Rogers, James Williams, Konate Primus, Luther Clement, Eric Arzoian and myself will be competing.   We’re connecting through Paris, France and about to depart.

Stay tuned here for updates!