Team USA Women’s Saber Bronze in Tianjin, China; Russia Wins Gold

Tianjin, China – Team USA Women’s Saber defeated Japan in the round of 16 45-28, followed by a 45-38 victory over China to advance to the top 4.  In the Semi-finals, the team lost a heart-breaker 44-45 to eventual winner Russia before beating France for the Bronze Medal.    Russia went on to defeat Ukraine for the gold.

Mariel Zagunis captured the individual gold the previous day and maintains her #1 world ranking over Ukrainian Olga Kharlan.

USA Women’s Saber Fencing Team Captures Gold in Orleans!

(Photos courtesy of Dagmara Wozniak!)

The USA women’s saber fencing team captured GOLD today in Orleans, France!

Mariel Zagunis, Dagmara Wozniak, Daria Schneider and Emily Jacobson each fenced strongly throughout the day as the US team beat Romania 45-44, Italy 45-29, Ukraine 45-39 and finally the French team 45-44.   GO TEAM USA! 🙂

check out the massive jumbotron screens used for the finals!

Here is Dagmara Wozniak’s take on it via FB message moments ago:
I’m just going to say that today was so much fun. I haven’t had such a great team dynamic and really it plays such an important part in how we support each other and fence for each other.

And, from Daria Schneider:
Ed is really great team coach and it wasawesome to have an opportunity to fence so many strong fencers and be able to try out what we have been working on with him in a competitive setting.

And a packed stadium! I hope we do this up right when we have our NYC world cup!

Word up Dags and Daria! 🙂 Daga kept me posted throughout the day via text message as we fenced here im Budapest.  We finished 6th.   More on that tomorrow when I have the energy to write another post! 

So happy for the girls!  We’ll be seeing them in a few days in Moscow for a joint men’s and women’s saber Grand Prix event in Russia!

Fencing is a Sexy Sport Part II: Ukrainian Fencing Gold Medalists Pose for Sexy Magazine Cover


Since winning Gold in Beijing the Ukrainian women’s saber team have been getting quite a bit of attention in their home country.   In a recent edition of XXL Magazine, a Maxim style magazine,  they posed with their gold medals and their fencing knickers were nowhere to be found! 

Olga Zhovnir, Elena Khromova and Olga Kharlan definitely look fantastic in these pictures!  Thoughts? Good for the sport?

My teammate James Williams is working diligently on translating the article as we speak.  The article is the most important thing anyway, right?

More Pictures at: