Men’s Saber Results from North American Cup of Fencing in Virgina Beach: Homer Wins.

Virginia Beach, Virgina – National Team Member Daryl Homer claimed his 2nd North American Cup victory of the season by defeating Oleg Ochocki  15-11 in front of a crowd of several hundred spectators.
Sean Buckley and Andrew Fischl finished 3rd with Jason Rogers, Dan Bak, Luther Clement and Mike Etropolski rounding out the bottom 8.  #1 ranked usa fencer Tim Morehouse lost in the top-32 to Franz Bogichev of Germany #3 ranked Ben Igoe lost to Etropolski in the round of 16.  #2 ranked James Williams did not compete because he has taken a job at a Hedge Fund in San Francisco and his fencing career might be done.

On a personal Note:
Was a tough day for me losing so early.   I’m training as hard as I ever have and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years, but sometimes in fencing if you don’t have the feeling for the distance all that matters not!   Usually I’m able to tough out those early round bouts when not fencing well, but Bogichev fenced a smart bout against me and so today was not meant to be.   No excuses, just back to work!

Luckily, I get to compete again in a few days since we’re leave for the Thailand World Cup…Hope to do better there and redeem myself nationally at the National Championships in July.  Congrats to all the fencers today!