Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis Wins Silver in China

Hot of the Facebook presses from National Team Member (and all around awesome girl) Dagmara Wozniak.  She just checked-in with some exciting news from the women’s saber team in China…

From Dagmara:
Mariel lost to Velikaya RUS 15-7 for the gold medal bout.  Daria lost to Gavrilova 15-9 or 10 to make 32. Monika and I lost to make the 16. I lost to a korean girl (Kim) 15-14 and i was up 13-10 :(. Monika lost to a Chinese girl 15-7.  Tomorrow is team..so we will redeem ourselves. best of luck to you guys! !

Similar to the situation in men’s saber, the women now have 1 world cup left in Dallas with the final 2 National Team spots being tightly contested between Monica Aksamit, Daria Schneider and Alexis Jemal.