Team USA Women’s Saber Bronze in Tianjin, China; Russia Wins Gold

Tianjin, China – Team USA Women’s Saber defeated Japan in the round of 16 45-28, followed by a 45-38 victory over China to advance to the top 4.  In the Semi-finals, the team lost a heart-breaker 44-45 to eventual winner Russia before beating France for the Bronze Medal.    Russia went on to defeat Ukraine for the gold.

Mariel Zagunis captured the individual gold the previous day and maintains her #1 world ranking over Ukrainian Olga Kharlan.

Team USA Safe and Sound in Pattaya, Thailand for World Cup

We’re safe and sound in Pattaya!   Ben and I had a little excitement this morning when we tried to head back to the airport in Bangkok to meet up with Dmitry and our ride….

They suddenly closed all the roads because the King of Thailand was coming to our hotel!   When we finally got the airport and met Dmitry our ride was nowhere to be found so we ended up taking a cab to our hotel in Pattaya.
Competition starts tomorrow.  Should be fairly weak, but we’re not sure yet how many countries are actually here. 
PS Coach Dmitry Guy (Pictured above next to Ben in our cab) said he’s a fan of the blog and wanted me to write for him, “HELLO TO EVERYONE!”

Celina Merza Wins Division I Women’s Saber in Virgina Beach North American Cup of Fencing

Photo of Celina Merza

Cadet National team member Celina Merza was the surprise winner of the Virgina Beach North American Cup of Fencing, upsetting some of the country’s top ranked senior fencers to claim her first Division I NAC title.  

Second place was Ibtijah Mohammad. 3rd place Eliza Stone and Canadian National Team Member Sandra Sassin.  Rounding out the bottom 8 were Daria Schneider, Emily Jacobson, Lian Osier and Margaret McDonald.

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Profile of Celina Merza…
Celina Merza
 is the daughter of Bassam and Blana Merza… She is a member of the 2009 Cadet World Championship Team… Her dad introduced her to the sport by chance… Celina’s love of fencing, her family’s support, and the challenge of the sport is what motivates her… She considers herself easy-going yet determined… Celina is an Honor Roll student and enjoys reading, music, outdoor sports, and forensic science.

Competition Record:
2009- Member of the Cadet World Championship Team
2008- Summer Nationals in San Jose, CA, 1st place Y14
 Cadet Team World Cup in Konin, Poland, 1st place
2008- Junior Olympic Championships in Charlott, NC, 3rd place Junior

Tunis Saber Fencing World Cup: Zagunis pockets 2 Medals. Men Struggle.

Tunis, Tunisia — On day 3 of the Tunis World Cup, the US women’s Saber team of Mariel Zagunis, Dagmara Wozniak, Daria Schneider and Ibty Mohammad took home  the bronze.   They defeated Canada and China, lost to Russia and then beat France for Bronze.

The US women’s saber team also posted strong results in the individual event.  Mariel Zagunis captured the Silver medal,  Mohammad finished in the top-16 and Schneider, Jacobson and Barrata finished in the top-32.  Wozniak fell in the 64 ending  a streak of 3, top-8 international finishes.

The men’s saber team on day 1 of the individual struggled.   Luther Clement was the lone US fencer with a winning record going 3-2 before falling to Buikevich to make the 2nd day.  The rest of the US team was ousted in pools with Ben Igoe going 0-4, Williams 2-4, Weller 1-5 and Etropolski 1-5.    Igoe had the misfortune of being in a very tough pool of 5 when almost all of the other groups had 7.  

Morehouse fences Darvishi  (IRI) in the round of 64 tomorrow at 10am (5am EST)    US Fencers Daryl Homer and Jeff Spear are home in the USA preparing for NCAAs. 

Some of the most interesting news around the tournament is that the Chinese National Coach Christian Bauer may be heading to Russia to head up their program.  Stay tuned…

Mariel Zagunis Silver Medal in Moscow. Wozniak Top-8.

I was in transit from Moscow to NYC (so good to be home!) so I missed this one, but here are the details from Craig Harkins…(Congrats Mariel and Dagmara!)

From Mariel Zagunis continued her run of medals for this world cup season with a 2nd place finish at the Moscow Sabre Grand Prix. The two-time Olympic champion lost in the finals 15-10 to China’s Y. Bao.  (READ MORE:

USA Women’s Saber Fencers in Moscow: Zagunis, Schnieder and Wozniak Ready For Action (And for the cold!)

2-time Olympic champion and world #1 ranked fencer Mariel Zagunis, Dagmara Wozniak and Daria Schneider, all ranked top-16 in the world, hung out at the fencing venue today.  They cheered on the boys (Thanks guys!) and settled in a bit as they prepare to compete shortly.

Olympian Emily Jacobson and Ibty Mohammed will be in action tomorrow on the first day of the women’s saber fencing competition.

Follow the action:

(Daria will have my twitter account when we leave and will be updating on the women’s fencing from Mosc0w so stay tuned and follow the girls!)