This “Ice Ice Baby” Sochi Olympics Inspired School Cancellation Announcement is GREAT!

I wish my school principals had announced snow days this way!

This morning I appeared on ABC News to discuss the top viral stories of the 2014 Sochi Games. Of course, just when I got home, this gem from a school principal in North Carolina was just hitting the social media “airwaves” Enjoy!

Tim Morehouse on ABC News REAL BIZ

I Can’t Stop Watching this Profile of Peter Westbrook from 1984!

This is an amazing find from Coach Jason Sheridan. He posted it on Facebook and it is AWESOME. Love to look back at Peter from 1984 along with some other people like Steve Mormando, Don Anthony and the renown fencing coach Csaba Elthes.

The Fencers Club back in the day on 72nd street off Broadway in NYC. I remember going there when I was in middle school and high school towards the end of its run and it had become so dumpy.

Wow. Great stuff!

Is Russia Really Just Ahead Of Its Time When it Comes to Toilets? Watch this video and decide.

It is fascinating to watch the type of images coming back from the Sochi Olympics so far. By far, one of the best pictures and videos has been those of the double toilets.

So, what do you think? There has been plenty of time and talk spent on how BAD this is, so I thought I’d pose the opposite question:

Could you ever see anyone ACTUALLY wanting toilets like this? Are there any benefits to the double toilet system we haven’t thought about?