Fencing in the Schools is a 501c3 educational organization founded in 2011 by Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse whose mission to “Empower youth to achieve excellence through the sport of fencing,” is carried out by bringing the sport of fencing to schools around the country to fight childhood obesity, foster the Olympic ideals and improve educational opportunities for youth.

For More Information: www.fencingintheschools.org


Fencing in the Schools looks to bring fencing to any interested school or youth community or organization with special initiatives that focus on funding the sport for under-resourced communities.     The program works by providing fencing equipment and training for teachers at the school to teach the sport to students as part of their regular physical education program.

Fencing in the Schools also utilizes Olympians as Athlete Ambassadors to conduct exciting and motivational assemblies to kick-off programs at schools.

Currently, Fencing in the Schools serves over 10,000 students with fencing programs across 7 states.

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